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DAP must stop politicising the Olympics

Press statement by YB Wong Koon Mun, MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Secretary and state Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru

DAP must stop politicising the Olympics

Words cannot express my disgust against the crass message by my fellow Selangor state Assemblyman from DAP for Kota Alam Shah Manoharan Malayalam who yesterday tweeted @mmanoADUN that "Give Pakatan to rule Putrajaya to bring in the Gold in next Olympics in Rio 2016" and "Malaysia will win its first GOLD Medal in Olympics after Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. 

I wish to draw YB Manoharan's attention among the roles of the International Olympic Committee as enshrined in the Olympics Charter read "To encourage and support the efforts of sports organisations and public authorities to provide for the social and professional future of athletes;" and "To oppose any political or commercial abuse of sport and athletes;"

It is the ethos, spirit and mission of the Olympics that the games be free of political inclinations, that athletes from throughout the world come together to contest to the fullest of their ability and in full sportsmanship.

Change in administration plays no role in medals tally

To win any medal at the Olympics or any world championships takes many years of sheer diligence, full discipline and commitment, and not over which political coalition is in power.

Be it a developed democracy like America, Australia, Republic of Korea or United Kingdom where there are changes of government or even a one-party country like China and North Korea, only the best athletes through long hours of regimented training and discipline will reach the medals podium.

Any change in the federal administration will not guarantee the athlete any medal if he/she was just not the best athlete for that moment, or if he/she fails the doping test, suffers an injury during the tournament or is disqualified for deliberately throwing a match to lose.

Frankly speaking, I wonder what sort of scientific methodology which Manoharan relied upon to link and conclude that if Pakatan were to hold federal office, Malaysia will emerge victorious. Is the Kota Alam Shah ADUN aware that when Pakatan captured the Selangor state government in 2008, Selangor failed to achieve anything during the SUKMA games which proves that even if Pakatan were to capture Putrajaya, they will not even be able to maintain a silver in the Olympics.

YB Wong Koon Mun
MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Secretary
State Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru

-MCA online-

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Just who is jumping here?

Once again it is the season for political frogs to jump in the Wild Wild East. To be fair to these politicians, they don't see themselves as "political amphibians".

THIRTEEN more Sabah politicians will jump. That was the rumour in Sabah after Umno's Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin and Upko's Datuk Wilfred Bumburing announced they had become PKR friendly MPs.

"Who?" I asked when told on Monday, a day after the weekend jumps.

"Incumbent assemblymen, MPs and senators," said several political sources in Sabah.

Once again it is the season for political frogs to jump in the Wild Wild East.

To be fair to these politicians, they don't see themselves as "political amphibians".

Beaufort MP Lajim claimed he quit his positions within Barisan Nasional (i.e. Umno supreme council member) "for the people's sake". Tuaran MP Bumburing claimed he quit as deputy president of Upko (United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation) for the sake of Sabahans.

Because I was born yesterday, I believe the sincerity of Lajim and Bumburing who in 1994 ditched Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) to join Umno and Parti Demokratik Sabah (later renamed Upko) respectively.

Then came the third resignation. Upko vice-president Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap quit his party.

With the three resignations, finally the one-sixth of the open secret that almost everybody in Sabah knew since last year became a reality.

The rumour then was politicians from Umno, the backbone of Sabah BN (controlling 32 state seats out of 60), would join a new opposition party.

In the list were – to quote my article published on Jan 16, "three incumbent MPs (one with a glamourous wife), a former chief minister, a former federal minister, a state minister and half a dozen warlords and former lawmakers".

"The speculated list is impressive. It is as if the Manchester United reserve team plus Dimitar Berbatov and Paul Scholes had ditched the Red Devils to form a club to contest against United in the FA Cup," I wrote.

Many politicos outside of Sabah have a superficial knowledge of Lajim and Bumburing. For example, when a Twitter account with the handle @LajimUkim was launched on Wednesday, many thought it belonged to the Beaufort MP.

Later it was pointed out that his name was spelled wrongly. It should be "Ukin" and not "Ukim".

When the Twitter handle was changed to @LajimUkin, some still believed it belonged to Lajim. A PKR assemblyman from Penang even tweeted: "Introducing a heavyweight leader to Twitterjaya – @LajimUkin".

The other two pointers were the tweets were too "sophisticated" for Lajim and the Twitterer was using an Android smartphone.

If you know Lajim, you would know that he is not that smart with smartphone. Earlier this year, he joked that he owned three smartphones – one for personal use, one for Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and one for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

And when one of the phones rang, he did not know who was calling him – his wife, Najib or Anwar.

If you know Lajim, you would know that he might not be the "hero" that the opposition has painted him to be.

Using Manchester United as metaphor to explain one of the many reasons for Lajim's exit, here's what happened.

Portuguese winger Nani (Lajim) organised a dressing room unrest against manager Sir Alex Ferguson (Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman).

However, just like how Roy Keane (the then Red Devils captain) found out, you can't take on Ferguson when he has the backing of the Manchester United board.

While he was rebelling against Ferguson, Lajim tried to establish F.C. United of Manchester (formed in 2005 by Manchester United supporters opposed to American businessman Malcolm Glazer's controversial takeover of the club).

He failed when the political party he was eyeing, Sabah People's Front, was taken over by the Sng family and renamed Sarawak Workers Party.

Partyless, Lajim and Bumburing formed NGOs with similar, confusing names, Sabah Reform Front and Sabah Reform Movement, respectively.

They are "on loan" with PKR and Anwar has allowed these two non-party members to field their own candidates in certain seats in Sabah.

Some Sabahans PKR die-hards are unhappy with this "suka sama suka" (consensual) deal between Anwar and the two players on loan.

On Wednesday, I flew to my hometown, Kota Kinabalu and the same rumour was repeated, "I heard 13 more to jump".

Sounds possible especially with Anwar taunting "I will be back in Sabah on Aug 12, with some more possible good news ...

"I have alerted leaders of PKR and DAP. It's not just Lajim and Bumburing, but also a number of leaders," the Opposition leader said.

Has anyone told Anwar that Christmas has come early to Sabah? Santa Claus was in town and he told politicians to better watch out as he's gonna find out who's naughty or nice.

The only jumping in Sabah until dissolution day will be political tadpoles.

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Hutang Berjuta Tapi Unisel Masih Lagi Berbelanja Beli IPad RM500,000!!

Oleh Mohd Faizal Mohd Salleh

SHAH ALAM, 6 Ogos – Cukup menghairankan apabila Naib Canselor Universiti Selangor (Unisel), Profesor Dr. Anuar Ahmad bercakap kepada media bahawa universiti tersebut lebih baik di bawah pentadbiran PKR Selangor dan mendapat keuntungan sehingga boleh membayar bonus kepada kakitangan.

Namun apabila lebih 3,000 pelajar Unisel tidak dapat mendaftar ke asrama masing-masing seperti dijadualkan minggu lalu, menunjukkan banyak kelemahan daripada aspek pentadbiran dan kedudukan kewangan Unisel yang semakin parah dan kritikal, sehinggakan tidak mampu membayar kepada pengendali asrama pelajar yang difahamkan sudah meningkat kepada RM 15 juta.

Pengerusi Gerakan Prihatin Rakyat Selangor, Datuk Sohaimi Shahadan berkata, walaupun pelajar sudah membuat pembayaran yuran melalui pinjaman Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN), tetapi Unisel gagal untuk melangsaikan tunggakan bayaran.

"Siapa yang harus dipersalahkan? Difahamkan Unisel juga mengeluarkan kos yang tidak sepatutnya untuk membeli IPad kepada ketua-ketua jabatan dengan nilai mencecah RM500,000.

"Inilah yang berlaku jika pengurusan universiti lebih cenderung berpolitik sehingga mengabaikan aspek pentadbiran universiti, menyebabkan prestasi akademik semakin merudum dan kebajikan pelajar tidak terbela", katanya dalam kenyataan kepada mediaUMNO di sini.

Tegas beliau lagi lebih mengecewakan apabila universiti yang dipengerusikan oleh Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim ini hanya memekakkan mata dan membutanya telinga terhadap kelemahan pentadbiran dan kewangan di universiti itu.

"Selama ini Menteri besar mendabik dada mencanang kehebatan mereka mengurus kewangan dalam pentadbiran Negeri Selangor dan UNISEL tapi jika inilah cara Menteri Besar dan Nanib Canselor mentadbir, tidak mustahil Unisel akan menjadi gagah putih dan matlamat untuk melahirkan modal insan cemerlang tidak akan kesampaian," ujarnya.

Justeru, GPRS tambah beliau mendesak Menteri Besar mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap Profesor Dr Anuar yang gagal melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya sekaligus memecat Ahli Lembaga pengarah Unisel yang tidak peka dengan kedudukan kewangan dan gagal merancang dengan baik perjalanan Unisel serta memaklumkannya kepada kerajaan negeri.

"Mereka sekadar makan Elaun Buta sahaja, satu kerugian kepada rakyat Selangor, tetapi sekarang seperti sudah jadi satu amalan kerajaan negeri, apa saja yang di tegur oleh menteri atau kerajaan pusat akan disanggah dan Menteri Besar dan kroni-kroninya gunakan taktik lama supaya setiap isu dapat dipolitikan kemudian.

"Setiap kelemahan kerajaan PKR, akhirnya BN juga yang akan disalahkan", katanya.

Jelas beliau sekiranya Unisel ada masalah kewangan yang serius Kerajaan Negeri mesti cari jalan awal dan perancangan jangka panjang untuk bantu selamatkan Unisel.

"Lebih dari itu, yuran hostel juga patut disubsidi oleh Kerajaan Negeri Selangor daripada menggunakan wang rakyat daripada dana khas peruntukan di bawah Geran Selangorku berjumlah RM5 juta untuk membiayai kos guaman Pengarah Strategi PKR, Rafizi Ramli yang dihadapkan ke mahkamah, lebih baik digunakan untuk memberi bantuan kepada penyelesaian asrama pelajar-pelajar berkenaan.

"Ini menunjukkan Menteri Besar hanya mengutamakan kepentingan politik dan mengabaikan pelajar di Unisel," ujarnya yang juga merupakan Ketua Pemuda UMNO bahagian Selayang.

Tambahnya rakyat sudah semakin bosan dengan kerenah pentadbiran dan pengurusan Unisel yang dipengaruhi politik kerajaan negeri.

"Jadi cakap-cakap tentang Unisel bakal bangkrap bukan lagi retorik. Malah sehingga kini Menteri Besar masih gagal mendedahkan laporan audit yang kononnya akan siap pada bulan Ogos 2012. Pastikan mengapa pembayaran tidak dapat dilakukan kepada pengurusan asrama selama hampir 17 bulan turut dimasukkan dalam laporan audit itu nanti.

"Sampai bila lagi Menteri Besar mahu bertindak menyelesaikan kudis-kudis yang semakin membiak di Unisel. Ini adalah antara kelemahan kerajaan negeri dalam pentadbiran sehingga menyebabkan sebuah universiti yang gah ditubuhkan oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional terdahulu, menjadi tiada hala tuju.

"Rakyat perlu fikirkan adakah kerajaan negeri yang sedia maklum lemah dan tidak berintergriti ini perlu diberi mandat lagi pada pilihan raya umum akan datang? GPRS juga mencabar MB utk mengumumkan dan bentangkan Kedudukan kewangan UNISEL segera," tambahnya lagi. -MediaUMNO


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Maklumat Sulit Bank VS Akta Perlindungan Pemberi Maklumat

Tidak ramai yang tahu bahawa maklumat sulit adalah antara perkara yang terpenting bagi sistem perbankan. Sebabnya adalah mudah – ini adalah kerana hubungan antara pihak bank dan pelanggan sepatutnya sentiasa sulit.

Rahsia bank adalah sesuatu yang boleh dilakukan di mana pihak bank tidak dibenarkan untuk mendedahkan sebarang maklumat pelanggan kepada pihak berkuasa, melainkan terjadinya perkara-perkara seperti kes jenayah yang telah difailkan.

Rahsia bank banyak digunapakai di negara-negara seperti Switzerland, Singapura dan Luxembourg serta bank-bank 'offshore' dan kawasan yang dilindungi daripada cukai dan lain-lain.

Akta yang terbesar bagi perkara ini adalah Akta Bank Swiss 1934, yang memberikan populariti kepada bank-bank Swiss – kerana segalanya akan disimpan sebagai rahsia.

Itulah sebabnya sehingga hari ini, ada beberapa yang mempersoalkan mengenai rahsia bank terutamanya oleh NGO dan kerajaan-kerajaan yang menyatakan bahawa ia menggalakkan kadar jenayah terancang.

Walaupun perkara ini didebatkan, akta ini masih lagi digunapakai dan pihak berkuasa perlu menggunakan jalan lain untuk mendapatkan sebarang maklumat melalui perundangan tertentu.

Malaysia menggunakan undang-undang British bagi maklumat sulit bank dan negara ini telah meluluskan Akta Perbankan dan Insitusi Kewangan pada tahun 1989.  Namun, masih ramai lagi yang mengatakan bahawa undang-undang ini tidak cukup komprehensif bagi memastikan penguatkuasaan undang-undang yang berkesan.

Di bawah BAFIA, terdapat beberapa perkara yang perlu dikenalpasti sebelum sebarang maklumat pelanggan boleh dikeluarkan.

Akta ini memastikan agar pegawai-pegawai bank tidak mendedahkan sebarang maklumat pelanggan. Perkara ini juga diaplikasikan kepada mereka yang telah meninggalkan sektor perbankan.

Anda mungkin mempersoalkan bahawa Rafizi dan bekas pegawai bank tersebut berbuat demikian untuk mendedahkan kes rasuah yang melibatkan syarikat NFC.

Anda juga mungkin mempersoalkan bahawa kerajaan perlu melindungi beliau di bawah Akta Perlindungan Pemberi Maklumat.

Bagaimanapun, bagi perkara ini, apa yang Rafizi lakukan bukanlah sesuatu yang dianggap ringan.

Segala maklumat yang mereka peroleh, oleh seorang yang pernah berkhidmat di sektor perbankan (secara terang telah dilarang oleh BAFIA) telah didedahkan melalui sidang akhbar dan segala maklumat telah didedahkan.

Beliau tidak membuat laporan kepada pihak berkuasa dahulu; sebaliknya, memberitahu rakyat bahawa pihak berkuasa tidak membuat sebarang siasatan terhadap perkara tersebut.

Akta Perlindungan Pemberi Maklumat adalah satu Akta untuk memerangi rasuah dan salah laku lain dengan menggalakkan dan memudahkan pendedahan kelakuan tidak wajar dalam sektor awam dan swasta, untuk melindungi orang yang membuat pendedahan itu daripada tindakan yang memudaratkan, untuk mengadakan peruntukan supaya perkara yang didedahkan disiasat dan diuruskan dan untuk mengadakan peruntukan bagi perkara lain yang berkaitan dengannya.

Apa yang didedahkan oleh Rafizi adalah sesuatu yang melanggar undang-undang kerana dokumen-dokumen tersebut dilindung dibawah BAFIA dan hanya beberapa individu yang dibenarkan untuk melihat maklumat-maklumat tersebut., mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk membocorkan maklumat tersebut kepada orang awam dan hanya boleh diberikan kepada pihak berkuasa untuk menjalankan siasatan lanjut.

Rafizi bukanlah kes pertama bagi perkara yang melibatkan BAFIA. Terdapat beberapa kes lain yang melibatkan kesalahan yang tidak disengajakan. Bagaimanapun, segalanya jatuh kepada undang-undang.

Beberapa tahun lalu, terdapat kes dimana seorang lelaki telah berjaya menyaman sebuah bank di Malaysia kerana membocorkan maklumat.

Pada April 1997, lelaki ini membuka akaun semasa, akaun simpanan dan akaun deposit tetap di bawah nama beliau dan anak-anak dan telah memberikan pihak bank alamat-alamat tertentu.

Pada 17 Mac 2007, tanpa kebenaran daripada lelaki berkenaan, pihak bank tersebut telah menghantar kenyataan akaun kepada alamat yang salah. Daripada itu, isteri plaintif mendapat tahu bahawa perkara ini telah memberi masalah antara mereka.

PIhak bank mengaku bahawa lelaki ini tidak pernah diberitahu akan pertukaran alamat tersebut dan tidak pernah memberitahu pihak bank agar menukar alamat.

Hakim kemudiannya menyatakan bahawa pihak bank telah menyalahguna maklumat terhadap akaun lelaki ini yang kemudiannya membolehkan beliau mendapat kadar faedah sebanyak 8% setahun.

Dan baru-baru ini, seorang pegawai bank telah dipecat kerana mendedahkan nombor akaun yang melibatkan seorang VIP.

Tiada sesiapa yang lebih tinggi daripada undang-undang, tidak kira Rafizi mahupun pengarah-pengarah NFC.


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NAMPAKNYA, kemelut dalaman PKR kali ini meruncing lagi apabila kumpulan yang dikatakan anti-Azmin Ali mula memperhebatkan serangan terhadap "kekasih gelap" Anwar itu menerusi skandal seks di dalam jamban yang dikaitkan dengan Timbalan Presiden parti tersebut.

Menariknya, sumber dalaman utama PKR sendiri menceritakan kepada saya betapa riuh rendahnya majoriti ahli dan pemimpin parti itu yang mahu siasatan dalaman dilakukan terhadap Azmin berhubung pendedahan gambar yang sangat mirip dirinya itu.

Khabarnya, kem Presiden PKR, Datin Seri Wan Azizah mahu Azmin disiasat berdasarkan gambar-gambar panas yang tersebar di internet secara meluas itu di mana ia dikatakan sangat memalukan parti itu.

Dari cerita tersebut, dapatlah disimpulkan bahawa Wan Azizah sebenarnya akur dengan dakwaan bahawa lelaki di dalam gambar-gambar itu adalah Azmin!

Selain itu, dipercayai juga bahawa gambar-gambar tersebut sebenarnya adalah bersumberkan dari para pemimpin PKR yang menyokong dan bersimpati terhadap nasib Wan Azizah yang seolah-olah diketepikan begitu saja oleh suaminya atas dasar "lebih sayangkan" Azmin berbanding isterinya.


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New development agenda needed

The UN is preparing for a post-2015 Development Agenda to replace the Millennium Development Goals, with an advisory panel announced last week and a possible development summit in 2015.

FOLLOWING the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development in Brazil in June, the United Nations is now laying the ground for its next big move – the launching of a Post-2015 UN Development Agenda.

The contents, the events and the expected practical effects of this agenda are still hazy. But expectations are already building up that it could galvanise the world to recommit to promoting the developing countries' quest for economic and social development.

In addition, it is important to redefine and strengthen the leadership role of the United Nations in championing development with new ideas and concrete programmes in developing countries.

A comprehensive UN development agenda is even more needed today as the developing countries are facing severe effects and great uncertainties arising from the rapidly deteriorating economic situation in the developed countries.

It is possible that the development agenda process will lead to a UN Development Summit in 2014 or 2015.

The move to consider a new UN development agenda was prompted by the fast approach of the expiry date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), which set targets to be met in 2015 for poverty alleviation, education, gender equality, child and maternal health, environmental stability, HIV/AIDS reduction and a "Global Partnership for Development".

In 2010, an MDG summit held at the United Nations requested Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to come up with recommendations to advance the UN development agenda beyond 2015.

It also asked the General Assembly to hold a "special event" in its 68th session starting September 2013, to follow up on actions made towards achieving the MDGs.

One of the expectations is that at this special event, the General Assembly will give the go-ahead for a Development Summit in 2014 or 2015, with the terms of reference of what that summit will discuss and what it is to achieve.

Meanwhile, the UN Secretariat is already moving ahead on the development agenda. It has embarked on three things.

First, a UN task team comprising 50 UN departments and agencies produced a report at the end of June on what the UN system considers could be the new development agenda.

The report proposed three fundamental principles (human rights, equality and sustainability) and four core dimensions (inclusive economic development, environmental sustainability, inclusive social development and peace and security).

It also identified four sets of "enablers", or key factors that are needed to enable progress to be made in the four dimensions.

Second, the UN organisations are moving ahead to organise eight global workshops, each on a major theme.

This will be complemented by UNDP-organised consultations in 50 countries on what the governments and civil society want in a UN development agenda.

Third, Ban has convened a high-level panel to advise him on the development agenda.

On July 31, he announced the panel will be co-chaired by three political leaders – Britain's premier David Cameron, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia.

The other 23 panel members include ministers, other eminent persons and experts from Benin, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, India, Latvia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Timor Leste, Turkey, United States and Yemen.

The panel has been asked by Ban to produce a "bold yet practical development vision" by the first half of 2013.

This will be input into a report that the secretary-general will prepare for governments to consider at the General Assembly's special event, expected to be held in September 2013.

The development agenda is shaping up to be the UN's major process of the next several years.

That is good, but it will have to address several issues soon.

One is the link between its own process and that of the Rio+20 follow-up, which includes the establishing of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Will the SDGs be the successor of the MDGs? How should the interaction proceed?

Second, will the development agenda be narrowly defined as just a set of new goals and targets like the MDGs, or will it have a more comprehensive framework, with principles, an analytical structure and a plan of action, with means of implementing them?

Third, when do the governments (the member states of the United Nations) get involved in designing the development agenda, its action plans, goals and targets? And through which process?

While the UN Secretariat and many UN agencies have already launched their own preparations for the development agenda, the governments are scheduled to join the action only from September 2013.

That is very late in the process, especially if countries are supposed to own and drive the development agenda.

Finally, it is important that the development agenda gets its contents right.

It has to place the looming global economic crisis at its heart in order to be relevant, and include the social and environmental crises as well.

It should address the structural factors that give rise to the crises, and not only set up new goals and targets, as was the case with the MDGs.

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Olympic badminton coach shares his true feelings

CHINA'S badminton chief coach Li Yongbo has finally shared his true feelings.

The outspoken coach had been lying low after the match-throwing controversy in the Chinese Olympic camp.

A day after reigning women's doubles world champions Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli were disqualified for not playing to their best ability in their final group match, Li told China Central Television in an interview that his players indeed did not display good sportsmanship.

"New rules are used in the badminton event this time. The players are required to compete in the round-robin group stage as opposed to the knockout format in the previous Games which was more direct and where the players would have to do all they could to win.

"As the coach and players, we did not grapple with the new rules and we thought we had qualified for the next round, so perhaps we did not play with enthusiasm. No matter what, this should not be an excuse for us not to uphold the Olympic spirit of going all-out in each match," he said.

He apologised to Chinese badminton fans for his team's failure.

However, on Friday, Li could not hide his disappointment over the harsh punishment by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) during another interview after the men's singles semi-final matches.

"How should I put it? It is hard to say it. It is okay to feel wronged by others and it is fine to bear it. I think this is nothing and that is how being a coach has to take it," he said.

On the BWF's possible punishment against the coaches, he said the punishment on the players itself was already very harsh and it would show the governing body's incompetence if it did so.

The coach's grievances and views were shared by and represented the majority of Chinese shuttlers in the Olympic camp.

World No. 1 men's singles player Lin Dan said the act of throwing away matches was not in compliance with the Olympic spirit but the new rules were actually the main culprit.

"The players are only participants of the game. Those who set the rules of the game should know better than anyone else and have the foresight.

"Not only this would affect the players but it would also hurt the sport. The Olympic Games is held every four years and every athlete gives his all for the Games. I hope we will give those involved in the controversy a chance as the ultimate fault did not lie in the athletes," he said.

In their last group match on July 31 against South Korea's Kim Ha-na and Jung Kyung-eun, with the knowledge that they had already qualified for the next round, the Chinese pair of Yu Yang-Wang Xiaoli intentionally lost to their opponents.

They sprayed shots on the net triggering boos from the spectators at the Wembley Arena.

Regardless of the results of the match, the Chinese and Korean pairs had already proceeded to the last eight knockout round. But, the Chinese would have to lose to avoid meeting their compatriots Zhao Yunlei-Tian Qing.

In another group match, Koreans Ha Jung-eun and Kim Min-jung and Indonesia's Meiliana Jauhari and Greysia Polii also did the same. The eight players were expelled.

On Aug 1, Yu Yang said on her QQ weibo (microblog) that she would quit the sport but later in an interview with China Central Television, she hinted that she would continue with her career a bit longer.

"Through this lesson, I hope that I will be able to show all my ability and my new self in the remaining years of my competitive badminton career," she said.

Despite the latest debacle, China overcame the odds and managed to retain the gold medal in the women's doubles event. In the final, Zhao Yunlei-Tian Qing beat Mizuki Fujii-Reika Kakiiwa of Japan 21-10, 25-23 to extend China's supremacy in the event for the fifth consecutive Games.

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Kerjasama PAS Dengan DAP Dan PKR Sejajar “Masolih Mursalah” Ber“Maqasid Syariah”?

August 6, 2012   ·   11 Comments

perpaduan ummah

Selalunya saya akan bertadarrus di sepanjang bulan Ramadhan pada setiap tahun dan ada kalanya saya sempat khatam Al-Quran sebanyak dua kali. Namun pada tahun ini saya amat tertarik dengan firman Allah SWT mengenai perpaduan umat Islam.

Boleh dikatakan bahawa lebih dari 10 ayat dari pelbagai surah di dalam Al-Quran yang saya baca menyeru umat Islam supaya bersatu padu di dalam muamalah kehidupan yang berpaksikan kepada Islam, termasuk firman Allah yang tersohor dibaca pada Surah Al-Imran.

Dalam kata lain, nas-nas yang jelas di dalam Al-Quran itu merupakan dalil naqli yang tidak mampu disangkal oleh mana-mana dalil yang berdasarkan logik akal atau aqli.

Bagaimanapun, ulama silam menggariskan bahawa harus hukumnya untuk menjalinkan kerjasama politik dengan organisasi kuffar dengan syarat ia bersumberkan "Istislah" atau  "Masolih Mursalah" yang diwajar dari sudut "Maqosid Syariah".

Bagi yang kurang memahami istilah "Istislah", ia merupakan salah satu cabang muamalah Islam berkenaan memulihkan sesuatu ke arah yang lebih baik atau memulihkan sesuatu yang tidak wajar dengan cara yang berhikmah.

Manakala "Masolih Mursalah" pula adalah satu bentuk hak untuk memilih tentang sesuatu yangmewajar mengikut kesesuaian bagi ummah mendapatkan sesuatu yang memberi manfaat kepada Islam.

Misal bagi kedua muamalah tersebut ialah mengenai jalinan kerjasama politik di antara UMNO dengan parti-parti komponen BN yang lain seperti MCA atau MIC yang memberikan kelebihan dam keuntungan yang jelas terhadap Islam.

Dalam ertikata lain, hubungan atau kerjasama UMNO di dalam BN adalah sejajar dengan garisan "Maqosid Syariah" berdasarkan muamalah "Istislah" atau "Masolih Mursalah".

Persoalannya, apakah tindakan PAS menjalinkan hubungan politik dengan DAP dan PKR itu boleh dianggap sebagai satu tindakan yang dibuat berdasarkan "Istislah" atau "Masolih Mursalah" yang bertepatan dengan "Maqasid Syariah"?

Untuk menepati ciri-ciri hubungan politik dengan golongan kafir yang diharuskan Islam, PAS perlu memastikan agar jalinan mereka dengan sekutu-sekutu politik mereka itu memberikan kelebihan kepada Islam.

Namun secara realitinya sejak bergabung di dalam Pakatan Haram pada tahun 2008, apakah PAS boleh dikatakan "dominan" dan berjaya menjadi tunjang dalam perlaksanaan dasar-dasar Islam di dalam pakatan tersebut?

Di sepanjang lebih 4 tahun bersama DAP dan PKR, PAS telah kehilangan perjuangan asal parti itu di mana perjuangannya untuk menubuhkan sebuah "Daulah Islamiyyah" atau Negara Islam terpaksa dilupakan begitu saja.

Begitu juga dengan perlaksanaan hukum hudud yang diperjuangkan PAS sejak sekian lama juga terpaksa dibuang dari perjuangan parti itu.

Mengapa PAS bertukar arah perjuangan dengan meninggalkan kedua perjuangan asal yang menguntungkan muamalah Islam itu?

Sudah tentu kerana DAP dan PKR yang membantah kedua-dua dasar asal perjuangan PAS itu, bukan? Baru disebut soal penubuhan Negara Islam dan Hudud, PAS dibalun habis-habisan oleh DAP, dan PKR pula memberikan sokongan penuh kepada DAP.

Jelaslah di sini bahawa PAS gagal mempertahankan kepentingan perjuangan Islam yang selama ini diperjuang oleh parti itu sejak sekian lama. Hanya kerana jalinan politik dengan DAP dan PKR, PAS mengenepikan kepentingan "Maqasid Syariah" di dalam hubungan tersebut dan merugikan Islam!

Padanlah dikatakan kini bahawa PAS semakin hilang sokongan dari golongan pro-ulamanya di mana pak-pak lebai PAS ini lebih gemar menyendiri dan enggan lagi aktif di dalam PAS, serta membiarkan parti itu didominasi oleh golongan Anwarinas yang baru nak kenal agama…

Golongan pro-ulama PAS ini dikatakan mengambil sikap "mufaraqah" dari parti tersebut memandangkan tindakan kepimpinan parti itu sendiri yang lari dari "Maqasid Syariah" dengan menjalinkan hubungan dengan "syaitan".

Mungkin Nik Aziz sebelum ini melaungkan mengenai istilah "tahaluf siyasi" untuk menjustifikasikan tindakan bersekutu dengan kafir harbi dan agen Yahudi itu.

Namun, atas dasar "tahaluf siyasi" jenis apa mewajarkan PAS bersekutu dengan DAP dan PKR? Apakah PAS "buta" tentang pengorbanan yang jelas merugikan maruah Islam disebabkan kepentingan sekutu-sekutunya itu?

Rasanya, fatwa Nik Aziz untuk berkawan dengan "syaitan" untuk menumbangkan UMNO merupakan satu fatwa karut marut yang bersumberkan nafsu politik yang merugikan umat Islam di seluruh negara.

Sebaliknya, tidakkah Nik Aziz dan Abdul Hadi terfikir tentang keuntungan yang bakal dikecapi oleh Islam jika PAS bergabung bersama di dalam payung BN? Atau para pucuk pimpinan PAS begitu rendah Iqnya untuk memikirkan dan membuat perbandingan tersebut? Wallahua'alam.


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UNISEL Tak Bayar Hutang, Rafizi Ditanggung Kos Guaman

August 6, 2012   ·   4 Comments

rafizi lembu1

PELIK benar kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat (biasa disebut pakatan haram) Selangor ini ya.  Kata ini kerajaan rakyat, berkhidmat untuk rakyat, tiadalah rakyat melainkan rakyat.  Tapi dalam hal duit, bab rakyat-rakyat semua tinggal belakang, yang diutamakan ialah pemimpin dia sendiri sahaja.

Inilah halnya yang boleh kita lihat dalam soal hutang RM 15 juta antara UNISEL milik kerajaan Selangor dengan sebuah syarikat Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd (JNSB) dalam hal bil penyelenggaraan asrama sejak 17 bulan lalu (nasib baik 17 bulan, kalau tidak mau saja Pakatan haram tuduh hutang dari zaman UMNO) dan pembiayaan kos guaman Rafizi mencecah setengah juta ringgit!!

Dia gebang pasal pendidikan percuma satu negara bukan main riuh tapi satu Universiti yang berada di bawah kelolaannya pun berhutang begitu banyak dengan syarikat pengendali.  Itu baru cakap soal 1 syarikat, bagaimana pula dengan hutang-hutang syarikat lain yang UNISEL berurusan?

1 Unversiti, 1 negeri pun tak boleh nak uruskan, apa cerita 1 Malaysia lagi?

Nak cover line, Khalid kata kerajaan negeri akan ambil alih hutang UNISEL, eh, bukan UNISEL tu memang dibawah kerajaan negeri ke?  Nak ambil alih apa lagi?  Itu satu hal, disatu hal lain, ambil alih hutang lagi.

Prestasi kerajaan pakatan haram dalam bab mengambil alih hutang ini memang 'menakutkan', tengok saja lah 'Talamgate' – yang bebas hutang orang kaya (Tan Sri), yang tanggung hutang rakyat Selangor.

Itu yang takut tu bila Khalid kata nak ambil alih hutang UNISEL.

Nak tanyalah, mana pergi berbilion duit Selangor yang kata banyak tu?  Kita tak pernah dengar masalah ini dulu semasa dibawah pentadbiran BN.  Nak kata apa punlah pasal Dr. Khir Toyo tu tapi yang rakyat tahu, sampah berkutip, longkang berselenggara, air jarang putus, hutang berbayar.

Tapi dalam banyak benda yang 'hebat-hebat' disebut pasal Khalid Ibrahim sebagai MB dan Anwar sebagai Penasihat Ekonomi, berapa banyak masalah yang menimpa rakyat sekarang.

Dalam masa yang sama juga, PKR kelihatan mewah di Selangor.  Semua pemimpin PKR yang dihadap ke mahkamah atas kesalahan jenayah, diberikan pembelaan percuma dan peruntukkan beratus-ribu untuk kos guaman.

Sedangkan Rafizi (seperti disebutkan di atas) diberi dana khas RM 500,000 untuk kos guaman.  Peguam pun bukan orang lain, N Surendran, Naib Presiden PKR tu.  Puak-puak dia juga yang sapu.  Hari itu Shuhaime Shafei, tak tahu berapa ratus ribu pulak, tapi khabarnya rendah sikit dari Rafizi saja.

Banyak pula duit untuk 'biayai' kroni dan moni sendiri?

Kenapa pula yang berkaitan dengan rakyat, semua masalah timbul?


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1. Apabila terlalu banyak bercakap bohong akhirnya realiti akan menghukum kita. Inilah yang berlaku dalam kontroversi kerugian Universiti Selangor (Unisel). Isu ini sebenarnya bukanlah perkara baru kerana ia telah beberapa kali dibangkitkan oleh Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Selangor sejak setahun yang lalu. Namun setiap kali dibangkitkan isu ini, kerajaan negeri tampil menafikan.

2. Yang terbaru dalam sidang Dewan yang lalu, ADUN Permatang, YB Sulaiman Abdul Razak membangkitkan keadaan Unisel yang makin layu dan mengalami penyusutan pendapatan. Menurut Sulaiman, pendapatan Unisel menyusut daripada RM 94.4 juta pada 2008 kepada 93.51 juta (2009) dan RM 75.48 juta (2010). Amatlah menghairankan ketika kerajaan Negeri menafikan kemerosotan pelajar, pendapatan pula merosot. Bukankah kenyataan ini sangat kontradik?

 3. Masalah Unisel bertambah sukar apabila kos pengurusan meningkat begitu besar RM 93.97 juta pada 2008, 106.13 (2009) dan RM 113.11 juta pada 2010. Khalid perlu menjawab kepada umum mengapa kos pengurusan meningkat sedemikian rupa tanpa pengingkatan yang signifikan kepada pendapatan Unisel.

 4. Pelajar meningkat, pendapatan berkurangan, kos pengurusan meningkat! Apa sebenarnya yang berlaku kepada Unisel di bawah pentadbiran Pakatan Rakyat? Unisel adalah institusi pendidikan tinggi swasta yang sewajarnya ditadbir secara efisyen dan mengikut logik ekonomi. Namun apa yang berlaku sekarang sangat huru-hara dan tidak mencerminkan pengurusan ekonomi yang efektif oleh kerajaan negeri dan pengurusan Unisel.

5. Kenyataan Menteri Besar bahawa masalah Unisel berpunca daripada isu Build–operate–transfer (BOT) hanya satu lagi jalan "mengkambinghitamkan" orang lain untuk mengelakkan masalah sendiri.

6. BOT merupakan satu inisiatif bagi membolehkan Unisel berkembang dengan lebih pantas tanpa menunggu mempunyai wang sendiri untuk membina asrama dan infrastruktur kemudahan pelajar. Dalam konsep BO! T, pada akhir konsesi, bangunan dan infra yang dibina menjadi milik Unisel sepenuhnya.

7. Konsep ini diluluskan setelah pelbagai pihak termasuk bank yang memberi pinjaman kepada projek ini mempunyai keyakinan ia berdaya maju. Ini termasuk keupayaan asrama untuk menghuni jumlah tertentu pelajar untuk membolehkan ia menampung kos pembinaan bangunan.

8. Hari ini jika Unisel gagal menjelaskan hutang kepada konsesi maka jelas sekali mereka gagal menguruskan perkembangan Unisel seperti yang dirangka oleh kerajaan BN sebelum ini. Apabila Pakatan mengambil alih Kerajaan segala-galanya telah tersedia. Tidak perlu lagi memikirkan sebarang idea atau mencari jalan membinanya. Malangnya, untuk menguruskan pun mereka tidak mampu.

9. Lebih aneh, yuran penginapan pelajar dikutip tanpa sesen pun dikurangkan tetapi pihak yang menguruskan asrama tidak pula mendapat bayaran. Ke manakah perginya wang yang dibayar oleh penghuni asrama?

10. Agaknya pengurusan Unisel pun sudah pandai melakukan "round-tripping" seperti boss mereka.

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Hairi Othman Dah Rasmi Jadi Ostad PAS,Tapi Tazkirah Subuh Dia Kempen Untuk BN?

Tarbiah dan ajaran agama khawarij PAS lain dari yang lain. Pasti perubahan yang mendadak kita dapat lihat kepada setiap batang tubuh yang menyertai parti khawarij itu. Yang pertama,mereka akan pandai bercakap soal menghukum orang lain,yang kedua mereka akan mengaku mendapat keimanan sebaik saja tanda tangan borang parti. Ketiga mereka akan anggap orang lain yang tidak menyertai saf perjuangan mereka bukanlah ahli syurga.

Ke empat,mereka diberi lesen untuk memaki hamun orang, Ada takiyah,ada tahaluf dan pelbagai terma dan ayat bombastik berbahasa arab. Kelima mereka akan tiba tiba bertukar menjadi pak arab celup ber ana enta. Bila dah makin advance ..Kelima pelatnya seolah pak arab baru bercakap melayu..kemudian ke enam bertukar menjadi ulama dengan hanya lulus dipentas ceramah.

Selepas Ostad Bob,Ustazah Abby nah yang Pisau perhatikan perubahan drastik adalah si Hairi Othman,mulut beliau lebih kurang serupa neraka jahanam tak ada insuran dan puki ayam pun lebih molek sikit daripada mulutnya.

Sebelum ini Pisau tidak pernah komen mengenai pelakon yang sudah bergelar Ostad nih,memandangkan dia dah langgar kawasan Pisau tak bagi salam jom kita tengok apa dia buat di Pulau Pinang

Dia sudah menggantikan tempat alim ulama dan pemimpin PAS,berceramah dan bertazkirah politik, Kesemua tugas ini seperti yang Pisau gariskan ada ciri cirinya seperti diatas..

Kelmarin bermula dari Surau Permatang Rawa ,Pemuda khawarij Pas Kawasan Bukit Mertajam menganjurkan majlis buka puasa bersama Ustaz Hairi dan Leman Raja Lawak.Mulanya Pisau terkejut jugak atas jemputan,katanya Ustaz Hairi ..pikir punya pikir tak pernah dengar pun nama Ustaz Hairi..bila dijelaskan dia tu bekas artis baru lah Pisau tau si mulut neraka nih rupanya..

Kemudian pagi tadi kuliah subuh di Surau Al Gufron,Taman Kuala Bekah Penaga. ostad Hairi turun bertazkirah.Dalam tazkirah katanya peri pentingnya semua umat Islam untuk bermuahasabah tentang kehidupan hari ini. Beliau berkata umat Islam perlu mematuhi segala perintah dan meninggalkan segala larangan Allah. Bab ni Pisau terkejut juga ,korang bandingkan apa yang Ostad Hairi buat dalam Twitter dan apa yang beliau tazkirah. Munafik tak?

Ini Pisau petik dari blog, Tengok akhlak Ostad Hairi ketika berpuasa. Akhirnya beliau disekolahkan oleh masyarakat akibat keceluparan mulutnya.

Pada jam 2.48 petang satu kenyataan twitter dari Hairi yang bercorak 'teori konspirasi' telah dikemaskini dengan tulisan "Najib dah Nazak.. Mahyudin kena baca yassin, Rais jadi anak yatim.. teori UMNO dah nak berkubur ha3″

Dengan andaian ianya hanyalah satu bentuk gurauan kasar dan mungki! n untuk ! menambah nilai personaliti Hairi sendiri kepada para penyokongnya yang ingin disifatkan sebagai lantang bersuara.

Tetapi sebaliknya yang berlaku apabila perbuatan tersebut menerima kritikan dan juga kecaman atas laku yang tidak profesional dan lebih kepada kebudak – budakan. Itu apa yang dapat kami baca di Twitter

Bacaan seterusnya : KLIK SINI

Bersambung mengenai tazkirah yang dianjurkan oleh Lujnah Dakwah dan Tarbiyyah Surau Al Ghufron Taman Kuala Bekah Penaga,Kepala Batas. Ostad Hairi berkata kita perlu memilih seorang pemimpin yang bercakap benar,mengotakan janji dan diyakini boleh memimpin rakyat.

Sekali lagi bagaikan meludah kelangit,Kesemua ni korang nampak ada pada pemimpin PAS ,PKR dan DAP?

Setau Pisau yang kuat pembohong dan pembelit si Anwar dengan janji bulan dan bintang,Guan Eng dengan janji yang masih tak tertunai di! Pulau Pi! nang dan Hadi dengan hududnya,bab tak tunai janji memang kita semua tahu 3 orang ni tak pernah tunai janji dan kemudianya 3 orang ni juga rakyat tak berapa yakin untuk mereka menjadi pemimpin negara..

Ostad Hairi kempen untuk BN ka? Atau memang dia tak sedar pemimpin pakatan haram sekupang tak boleh pakai..

Pisau kata " Hairi kempen untuk BN ka? Janji di tepati? hehe.."
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Robert Phang lodges report over book on Gani

Former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory panel member Robert Phang has urged the authorities to probe attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail's alleged abuses of power as described in a new book entitled 'Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail: Pemalsu, Penipu, Penjenayah?'

Phang (left) said that he wants the police and MACC to investigate the allegations against Abdul Gani in the 123-page book, written by lawyer Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

He has also asked the AG to investigate the accusations made in the book and sue the author for defamation if the allegations are wrong.

"The AG must seriously address the issue made in the public domain and should not be a liability to the government," he told Malaysiakini today after lodging a police report this morning.

He made the report at around 11am at the Jalan Tun Razak police station in Kuala Lumpur.

The 14-chapter book was self-published by Zainal recently.

Due to the allegations made in this book, Phang had last week challenged Abdul Gani to come forward and clear his name.

During a press conference last week, he had urged the attorney-general to take responsibility and not to be a stumbling block to the BN.
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Masalah Air Pasti Selesai Bila BN Kembali Memerintah Kelantan

Jika bekalan air bersih asyik terputus-putus, bukan sahaja manusia yang masih hidup akan mengalami kesukaran untuk meneruskan aktiviti harian malah hamba Allah yang baru meninggal dunia pun sukar untuk dimandikan jenazahnya.

Ini yang terjadi di sebuah daerah di Kelantan gara-gara ketiadaan bekalan air bersih akhirnya jenazah seorang nenek tua terbiar lama tidak dapat dimandikan.

Mujurlah selepas berkali-kali aduan dibuat akhirnya barulah sebuah lori tangki Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd (AKSB) datang membawa air bersih untuk menyelesaikan urusan wajib yang tertangguh berjam-jam lamanya.

Satu kejadian di atas hanyalah secebis kisah dari beribu-ribu kesempitan hidup yang terpaksa dialami rakyat Kelantan khususnya di kawasan luar bandar berikutan hampir 40% kawasan lagi masih mengalami masalah bekalan air bersih yang seringkali terganggu.

Di Kelantan sekarang, isu bekalan air bersih lebih mendapat sambutan rakyat berbanding isu royalti minyak yang sedang heboh di propagandakan oleh kerajaan negeri.

Tapi di pihak kerajaan negeri pula mereka memandang remeh isu air sebaliknya lebih gemar mensensasikan isu royalti minyak sekalipun tahu dari segi perundangan tidak mungkin akan berpihak pada kerajaan negeri.

Suka atau tidak, rakyat Kelantan terpaksa menerima hakikat selagi negeri tersebut terus diperintah oleh PAS, paling cepat pun untuk melihat isu bekalan air bersih selesai ialah menunggu lagi 15 atau 16 tahun akan datang.

Ini pengakuan pemimpin PAS sendiri yang meminta rakyatnya terus bersabar dengan masalah air yang dihadapi untuk selama berbelas tahun dimasa yang sama rakyat diminta terus meyakini kepimpinan PAS atas nama demi Islam.
Bagi segelintir rakyat Kelantan yang sudah sekian lama menyokong PAS tentu sahaja permintaan sedemikian akan dituruti tanpa bantahan kerana resam penyokong PAS biasanya angguk-angguk, geleng-geleng tanpa menggunakan kurniaan akal yang Allah s.w.t berikan.

Namun bagi sebahagian besar rakyat Kelantan yang lain, mereka tahu jika diharapkan pada akal sejemput yang dimiliki oleh pemimpin PAS sampai bila-bila pun masalah air belum tentu dapat diselesaikan.

Lantaran itu apabila mengetahui Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak akan tiba di Lapangan Terbang Pengkalan Chepa untuk lawatan ke negeri ini semalam, mereka beramai-ramai menunggu untuk menyambut kedatangan PM sambil membawa bersama memorandum meminta Kerajaan BN campurtangan menyelesaikan isu bekalan air di Kelantan.

Ini jelas menunjukkan tahap kesedaran semakin melebar luas dikalangan ramai rakyat Kelantan dan besarnya keyakinan mereka terhadap kemampuan pemimpin BN khususnya dalam mendepani cabaran dan permasalahan.

Jika keyakinan ini berterusan, tak mustahil PRU 13 kelak akan menyaksikan kerajaan negeri berpindah tangan kepada BN sekaligus membuka ruang ke arah penyelesaian jangka masa panjang seterusnya membantu mengakhiri masalah bekalan air di Kelantan.
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Pakatan should issue a joint statement agreeing to not have hudud law to ease Malaysian’s worries

Press Statement by MCA Central Committee member and Deputy Chairman of MCA Publicity Bureau Sdr Loh Seng Kok

Pakatan should issue a joint statement agreeing to not have hudud law to ease Malaysian's worries

To give peace of mind to the Chinese community and other non-Muslims, I urge the top three leaders of Pakatan Rakyat, namely DAP National Chairman Karpal Singh, PAS President Dato' Seri Hadi Awang, and PKR de facto leader Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim to set the record straight and issue a joint statement confirming once and for all that the implementation of hudud law is not suitable for a multi-racial country like Malaysia and that no party will seek to implement it.

As the Terengganu PAS Youth chief Mohd Nor Hamzah had publicly urged Karpal Singh to quit politics, it is proof that the DAP chairman is not respected by PAS and that DAP is not on equal terms with PAS.

When Mohd Nor Hamzah had insulted Karpal Singh over the latter's statement that the issue of hudud law will undermine Pakatan's plans to capture Putrajaya, Nor Hamzah had stressed that hudud is an agenda of PAS. 

Due to this, I urge DAP, PAS and PKR to issue a joint statement in black and white promising that hudud law will not be implemented in this multi-racial Malaysia and that no political party will seek to impose hardline values onto a multiracial society.

PAS does not recognize DAP's objections to hudud

So long as there is no joint statement by the chiefs of the 3 component parties of Pakatan, any other objection voiced out towards the implementation of hudud law is insincere and ineffective, and will not ease the rakyat's fears. After all, PAS has indeed indicated that DAP is powerless to prevent PAS from implementing its agenda of having hudud law. 

Even DAP Klang has seen it fit to support their National Chairman's stand over this issue, what with the enforcement of certain policies by PAS such as separate seating for unmarried Muslims men and women at the sole cinema in Kuala Selangor, the raid by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church, the confiscation of alcoholic drinks by the Shah Alam City Council, and the PAS-led Kedah state government demolishing the sole boar abattoir in the rice bowl state.  

Teresa Kok silences DAP grassroots leaders objections against hudud

Despite the claims by DAP Klang that they have the support of 18 branches and are only representing the grassroot leaders in Selangor, the DAP Selangor chairman, Teresa Kok, had seen it fit to impose a gag order on them, preventing anymore grassroot leaders from commenting on this important issue of hudud law.

Why Teresa Kok did so is a mystery. Is it because PAS has crosses an unknown path, with DAP and PAS reaching an agreement in private which will benefit both of them, thus forcing DAP to submit to PAS over the hudud issue?

Therefore, I urge DAP grassroot leaders to stand together and speak up against Teresa Kok's poor leadership in Selangor, and that Selangor excos Ean Yong Hian Wah and Ronnie Liu should apply pressure on the PAS excos in the Selangor state government to urge DAP to issue a joint statement stressing that hudud law is not feasible for multi-racial Malaysia and that no political party will seek to enforce it. 

Loh Seng Kok
Member of MCA Central Committee
Member of MCA Presidential Council
Deputy Chairman of MCA Publicity Bureau

-MCA online-

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Bershit Di Al-Azhar Hanya Berharga RM50 Dimata Pakatan Haram?

August 6, 2012   ·   0 Comments


Agak menarik untuk mengulas mengenai seorang pelajar tahun tiga jurusan perubatan Universiti Al-Azhar, Muhamad Hasyim Che Ngah, yang menyesal dengan penglibatannya dengan himpunan Bershit 2.0 yang dianjurkan di Mesir pada tahun lalu.

Himpunan yang diadakan di Dataran Hayyu Asyier, Kaherah, itu disertai oleh beberapa pelajar Malaysia di universiti tersebut dan termasuk 9 orang pelajar yang mendapat tajaan pinjaman dari Yayasan Terengganu.

Hasyim juga tidak terkecuali telah menyertai himpunan "Ambiga" itu sehingga menyebabkan perjanjian pinjaman pengajiannya di situ telah dibatalkan oleh pihak Yayasan atas sebab melanggar kontrak kerana terlibat dengan aktiviti tidak bertanggungjawab itu.

Mendengar tindakan yang diambil terhadap Hasyim, PAS yang kononnya "prihatin" cepat-cepat mengambil kesempatan menyelar, mengutuk, mencaci dan memburuk-burukan Kerajaan Negeri dan Yayasan Terengganu yang kononnya "zalim" terhadap para pelajar Malaysia di Al-Azhar…

Selepas puas mengutuk UMNO/BN, barulah PAS kemudiannya berjanji kepada pelajar-pelajar itu untuk menolong mereka mencari dana bagi membantu membiayai yuran dan kos sara hidup mereka sementara menghabiskan pengajian mereka di sana.

Menariknya, khabarnya PAS telah berjaya mengumpul sebanyak puluhan ribu ringgit dari ceramah-ceramah yang diadakan setiap hari di seluruh negara bagi membantu para pelajar tersebut.

Dan sememannya melucukan apabila ada pihak yang mendakwa bahawa Hasyim hanya menerima wang sebanyak RM50 sahaja dari puak-puak PAS..!!! RM50 sahaja? Biar betul..!

Dan kerana RM50 itulah Hasyim menyedari betapa teruknya perangai puak-puak Pakatan Haram, khususnya PAS, yang begitu mudah memanipulasi minda para pelajar Al-Azhar untuk menyokong mereka.

Apatah lagi apabila dia menerima tamparan hebat di mana PAS gagal menunaikan janji parti itu untuk membiayai kos pengajian dan sara hidupnya sehingga tamat pengajian di Al-Azhar.

Ditemani bapanya, Hasyim akhirnya terpaksa menemui Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said bagi merayu agar pinjamannya disambung semula oleh Yayasan Terengganu.

Mungkin memahami betapa mudahnya anak-anak Malaysia di luar negara yang tidak tahu apa-apa di luar sana dipengaruhi dakyah jijik pembangkang dan dengan ehsan bagai seorang "ayah kepada anaknya", pinjaman tersebut diluluskan kembali.

Nak tahu berapa jumlahnya? Pinjaman yang diluluskan kepada anak muda "bekas" peserta Bershit itu berjumlah RM301,144 dan daripada jumlah itu sebanyak RM170,000 bakal digunakan untuk yuran pengajian dan sara hidup Hasyim di sana.

Paling pedih ialah puak-puak Pakatan Haram. Hasyim sendiri mengaku bahawa tindakannya menyertai Bershit 2.0 itu adalah satu tindakan yang sia-sia dan tidak bermanfaat untuk dirinya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang bertanggungjawab!

Apakatah lagi PAS yang sememangnya memalukan apabila gagal menunaikan janji membiayai dan membela nasibnya, serta dikatakan hanya menyumbang sebanyak RM50 sahaja!

Soalan "cepu mas" untuk dijawab oleh puak-puak PAS, ciri-ciri golongan apakah apabila mereka berjanji dan kemudiaannya mereka gagal serta tidak menunaikan janji tersebut? Ciri-ciri orang munafik atau ciri-ciri orang PAS?

Justeru itu, saya berpendapat supaya para pelajar Malaysia di luar negara agar tidak terlalu cepat terpengaruh dengan dakyah dan tohmahan jahat para pemimpin Pakatan Haram yang berkunjung universiti-universiti mereka "menjual gula-gula racun berbisa".

Mungkin para pelajar di luar sana agak terhad untuk mengetahuai cerita-cerita sebenar yang berlaku di tanahair, namun mereka sebagai golongan yang terpelajar, mampu berfikir dengan baik dan adil dalam tindakan sepatutnya memeriksa dulu "gula-gula" yang diberikan pembangkang.

Bukan apa, rakyat Malaysia di tanahair sudah jelak dan makin ramai yang sudah terkena "badi racun" yang diberikan oleh Pakatan Haram sehingga ada yang meraung hiba hampir tergadai punggungnya…

Apakah para pelajar di Al-Azhar mahu menerima nasib yang sama? Jika tidak, pandai-pandailah fikirkan yang terbaik demi Islam, Melayu dan Tanah Melayu ini…


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Nizar carelessly insults flag, refers to Jalur Gemilang as “jalur malang” or unlucky stripes

6 August 2012

Press Statement by MCA Youth National Deputy Chairman Dato' Dr Mah Hang Soon

Nizar carelessly insults flag, refers to Jalur Gemilang as "jalur malang" or unlucky stripes

While it is possible within the confines of law for public officials to air their frustrations, some issues are sacrosanct and should always be respected. But Pakatan leaders seem clueless about the importance of respecting national symbols like the flag, which was recently attacked by one of PAS' top leaders.

As reported in The Star (6 Aug 2012), Perak PAS leader Dato' Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin recently insulted the Jalur Gemilang through his personal Twitter account, complaining: "'Janji ditepati' malang prayaan kemerdekaan tahun ini di buat oleh kabinet BN, luntur semangat nak kibarkan jalur gemilang, jalur malang! ('Promises Fulfilled' – unfortunate that Merdeka celebration this year is organized by BN cabinet, no mood to wave Jalur Gemilang, unlucky stripes!")

Even in fully developed democracies, it is widely accepted that the national flag should never be dishonoured – especially by lawmakers whose role is to uphold the values of the country! Nizar's careless comment not only demonstrates Pakatan's lack of tact, it reveals a deeper issue at hand – the opposition officials' lack of true respect for the nation and what Independence stands for.

Pakatan shows lack of patriotism and loyalty to nation and the rakyat

 This is not the first time that the opposition has targeted the national flag as we approach Merdeka and Malaysia Day. In fact, it seems that Pakatan has insulted the country's flag several times now, all during times of commemoration for Malaysia as a nation.

In 2011, DAP state assemblyman for Kota Alam Shah M. Manoharan suggested modifying the Jalur Gemilang to suit the looks of the DAP flag. Manoharan posted on his Facebook that he refused to fly the national flag and distributed DAP flags in replacement. Similarly, in the preceding year, DAP Klang Member of Parliament Charles Santiago disrespecfully flew our Malaysian flag upside down and tattered at his Pandaraman service center. The Jalur Gemilang is recognised by the United Nations and the International Olympic Council as a symbol of Malaysia's nationhood. But DAP, in disdaining our Malaysian flag also dispels our nationhood and sovereignty.

Pakatan should be proud of Malaysia and the values that the national flag upholds. When Malaysian Olympian Dato' Lee Chong Wei won the silver medal for badminton, the country's flag was raised high and proud. Instead of showing contempt and disrespect for the nation's flag, I strongly urge Pakatan to put aside their political agenda and prioritise Malaysia first.

Dato' Dr Mah Hang Soon
MCA Youth National Deputy Chairman & MCA Youth Perak Chairman
State Assemblymen for Chenderiang
Perak Executive Councillor for Health, Local Government and Environment
-MCA online- 

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Of airline lounges and layovers

For the well-heeled, long layovers in-between flights arent necessarily a bad thing.

THERE has been a lot of talk in the news about full service airlines doing badly and how low-cost is the way to go in the business of commercial air travel. I find all that most distasteful whatever the analysts may say, and I applaud the premium carriers who care enough about their high-end passengers to insist on upholding their standards in premium service and offerings.

As I have written before, for some people the journey is always as important as the destination, and premium travel is all about the whole experience, from the moment you leave your front door, till the moment you return.

I am one such person that takes delight in every part of the journey. Which includes the pre-flight delight at the luxury lounges. Let's talk about the way respectable airlines take care of their most valued guests even before you set foot on an aircraft.

We can begin with the Middle Eastern airlines that have taken the world by storm. Because of their ever widening network and reach as well as the frequency of their flights, a couple of gulf-region based carriers have become the carrier of choice for many globe trotters.

Of course like all five-star premium airlines, their lounges feature the gourmet menus, business centers and showers all of which are now de rigueur in lounges of Asian airlines. But they do try to put in extras to stay above the competition.

In fact, they make it so nice that one may find oneself rather looking forward to long layovers there. (Incidentally, European and American airlines are not included in this discussion because they simply don't pass muster. Their lounges are spartan while they serve apples and cereal and call it a luxury buffet.)

In one of those Middle Eastern hub lounges, particular features I enjoyed include the private cubicles boasting proper beds complete with Egyptian-cotton bedding and goose down duvet, where one can get a decent snooze, however briefly, before one's next jaunt. And of course there's the spa featuring the sauna and jacuzzi.

It's amazing how the weariness of flying just disappears after a good hot soak. After a nice dip, you are offered some of the finest selection of wines from a private cellar should you need a drink before taking a nap.

A connoisseur would have been thrilled, but unfortunately yours truly does not drink so that was a freebie gone to waste.

In another Middle Eastern airline lounge, the spa treatments they offer put some proper spas to shame. Well-trained therapists in tastefully appointed serenity suites knead away your exhaustion as the hours till your next flight disappear.

Don't be surprised if you feel you've somehow reached a holiday destination instead of being on transit in an airport.

But because of their popularity, there is a downside to travelling with those Middle Eastern airlines in spite of the unbelievable luxury that they offer: There are simply too many other luxury travellers travelling with you.

The end result is that if you are unlucky and happen to be travelling at peak hours, luxury doesn't seem all that luxurious. I mean, yes it's great that you are privileged to travel First class and all, but when there are a hundred other folks having the same privilege at the same time, it doesn't seem that much of a privilege, does it?

Recognising this, one airline here in our neighbourhood has been offering an uber luxury passenger lounge for a class that's above First, if that's even possible. Of course, as any self-respecting snooty establishment should be, it's by invitation only.

So they have their Business class lounge, they have a First class lounge and then they have a luxurious little enclosure ensconced well beyond the entrance into the First class area (Seriously, you need to clear two "checkpoints" before you get to this place) which they deliciously call The Private Room.

I remember the first time I received my burgundy and gold coloured invitation to the Private room, and I was ushered past the curious (and envious?) eyes of those in the lounges I passed. The number of people became less and less as you walked deeper and deeper on the path to The Private Room.

When you got there, you knew you've arrived, in every sense of the word. The whole area is extremely well decorated with elegant wing chairs and chesterfield sofas and the smell of plush leather lingers faintly in the perfumed air.

You are immediately enveloped in space and opulence and if you don't look out the window, you'll forget that just outside the entrance is a pretty busy terminal.

Sometimes you can spot a Russian billionaire or two, in their loud crocodile jackets and blinding jewellery, but apart from those, you still get that feeling that you have the area all to yourself.

On one side, there is a dining area that feels more like a Michellin-star restaurant complete with its fine-dining table service and a sumptuous menu for you to choose from.

My usual favourites are the poached lobster provencale and beef burger with foie gras. Of course you can also find some Asian faves like satay and Tauhu goreng, but we all know hawker food is only ever good at an authentic hawker stall. Having said all that, my favourite lounge of all remains, Malaysia Airlines' own Golden Lounge.

Other lounges may have offerings that it does not, but the Golden Lounge has got soul.

If you are flying home from somewhere, you feel you are already back in Malaysia as soon as you step through the lounge doors and see your kebaya-clad receptionist, and that always puts me in a good mood for the flight ahead, especially if it's a long one.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what the new refurbished Golden Lounge at KLIA looks like.

Hopefully, in line with their renewed vigour and optimism arising in part from the arrival of the new A380, Malaysia Airlines can retain not only all that's good about the lounge they have now, but also try and replicate some of the extraodinary elements that competitors offer their passengers.

Of course cost is an issue. But get the formula right, and the well-heeled will pay, and they are the clientele worth keeping. Remember, low-cost is always about going to the cheapest vendor, but the luxury business is a business of loyalty and the wealthy keep coming back to those who treat them best.

* Snobama thinks that "penny wise, pound foolish" is an important concept for airlines to grasp. Snobama is away on an extended vacation and will be back in September.

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Pelancaran BN Youth Cyber Team 8 Ogos Ini #BNYCT

SETELAH sekian lama berlangsung tanpa sebarang koordinasi khusus, sayap-sayap Pemuda di bawah Barisan Nasional bakal digabungkan dan bergerak sehala bagi menepis segala retorika & propaganda pembangkang di ruangan siber.

BN YOUTH CYBER TEAM akan dilancarkan secara rasmi oleh Pengerusi Pergerakan Pemuda Barisan Nasional, YB Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar pada 8 Ogos ini (Rabu) pada jam 12.30 tengah hari.

Semua pahlawan siber BN yang berminat untuk menyertai BNYCT dijemput untuk menghadiri majlis pelancaran program ini di Dewan Seri Endon, PWTC pada hari Rabu nanti.

Ayuh lupakan sengketa sesama, kini masa yang tepat untuk berganding bahu bagi membuktikan BN masih berdaya mengibarkan panji pemerintahan dengan gagah selepas PRU13.

Hapuskan petualang yang cuba mengugat keharmonian di negara Malaysia tercinta ini... GEMPUR TERUS!!

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Buang Hudud Sekali Lagi,PAS Ajak Bukan Islam Bincang Negara Berkebajikan Pula.

Akibat terkejut mendengar batuk Karpal dan DAP, khawarij PAS secara mengejut terus menukar gear reverse dengan membuang hudud serta merta apabila berbicara mengenai negara kebajikan pula..Ini semua gara gara ketua pemuda khawarij si Nasrudin Tantawi menjadi penyebab kepada kemarahan tuan besar DAP kepada PAS.

Tidak ada seorang pun pemimpin PAS berani angkat muka dan bersuara membantah terhadap Kit Siang,Karpal dan Guan Eng.. apa ertinya?

Bagaikan wahyu yang turun dari langit, Pimpinan PAS pusat diarahkan DAP jangan bercakap soal hudud dan mendahulukan negara kebajikan sepertimana yang termaktub didalam Malaysia Malaysia DAP.

Mana satu yang puak ni mau? Pisau nampak PAS lebih mengutamakan perselingkohan mereka bersama DAP berbanding hudud.

Pisau kata " PAS berjaya lahirkan ramai hibrid DAP"
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Participation, sportsmanship more meaningful than medal

6 August 2012

Press statement by Selangor MCA Youth chairman Dr Kow Cheong Wei

Participation, sportsmanship more meaningful than medal

To be able to compete among the world's best, making it pass through the preliminary heats and subsequent stages onward to the final is in itself an accomplishment irrespective of medal won or not.

Therefore, the DAP Selangor state Assemblyman for Kota Alam Shah Manoharan Malayalam who yesterday tweeted @mmanoADUN that "Give Pakatan to rule Putrajaya to bring in the Gold in next Olympics in Rio 2016" and "Malaysia will win its first GOLD Medal in Olympics after Pakatan takes over Putrajaya" alludes to Pakatan's cockiness and absolute lack of sensitivity in mocking the silver-medal by Dato' Lee Chong Wei.

In politicising any matter when DAP sees the opportunity, it is pitiful that Manoharan has confused politicising with sports whereby the performance of the Malaysian contingent is derided. At the very least, the Rocket should recognise the long hours of training and rigours involved to excel or be an competitor in any sports discipline.

Lee Chong Wei, you gave your best & we are proud of you

All Malaysians irrespective of political affiliation should congratulate and be proud that Dato' Lee Chong Wei made eventual champion Lin Dan slug and sweat it out in the three-set trail blazer. Nobody has any right to insult Chong Wei or the Malaysian contingent.

Chong Wei being a Penangite and since DAP holds the Penang Chief Minister's post while other DAP elected representatives sit in the Pakatan-helmed Selangor state government, Rocket members from DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng to Manoharan should express full support and words of comfort to Chong Wei who definitely has bettered his performance from the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and more so, given that his recovery process from an injury before the Olympics almost severed his attendance.

In short, clinching a gold medal is a glorious bonus. However, participation amongst world-class athletes in the spirit of friendship and solidarity for the development of sports is the mainstay of the Olympics.

Accolades should be offered based on Chong Wei's true grit, never give-up attitude during his stellar performance – all ideals which encapsulate the Olympics spirit. It just so happened that his on court arch nemesis proved to be the more skillful badminton exponent this occasion and for that, we also offer our congratulations to Lin Dan as well.

Dr Kow Chong Wei
Selangor MCA Youth Chairman

-MCA online-

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DAP must stop politicising the Olympics

Press statement by YB Wong Koon Mun, MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Secretary and state Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru

DAP must stop politicising the Olympics

Words cannot express my disgust against the crass message by my fellow Selangor state Assemblyman from DAP for Kota Alam Shah Manoharan Malayalam who yesterday tweeted @mmanoADUN that "Give Pakatan to rule Putrajaya to bring in the Gold in next Olympics in Rio 2016" and "Malaysia will win its first GOLD Medal in Olympics after Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. 

I wish to draw YB Manoharan's attention among the roles of the International Olympic Committee as enshrined in the Olympics Charter read "To encourage and support the efforts of sports organisations and public authorities to provide for the social and professional future of athletes;" and "To oppose any political or commercial abuse of sport and athletes;"

It is the ethos, spirit and mission of the Olympics that the games be free of political inclinations, that athletes from throughout the world come together to contest to the fullest of their ability and in full sportsmanship.

Change in administration plays no role in medals tally

To win any medal at the Olympics or any world championships takes many years of sheer diligence, full discipline and commitment, and not over which political coalition is in power.

Be it a developed democracy like America, Australia, Republic of Korea or United Kingdom where there are changes of government or even a one-party country like China and North Korea, only the best athletes through long hours of regimented training and discipline will reach the medals podium.

Any change in the federal administration will not guarantee the athlete any medal if he/she was just not the best athlete for that moment, or if he/she fails the doping test, suffers an injury during the tournament or is disqualified for deliberately throwing a match to lose.

Frankly speaking, I wonder what sort of scientific methodology which Manoharan relied upon to link and conclude that if Pakatan were to hold federal office, Malaysia will emerge victorious. Is the Kota Alam Shah ADUN aware that when Pakatan captured the Selangor state government in 2008, Selangor failed to achieve anything during the SUKMA games which proves that even if Pakatan were to capture Putrajaya, they will not even be able to maintain a silver in the Olympics.

YB Wong Koon Mun
MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Secretary
State Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru

-MCA online-

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Seluruh dunia tidak boleh kompromi rahsia perbankan

KUALA LUMPUR 3 Julai - Maklumat sulit atau rahsia pelanggan adalah asas penting dalam hubungan antara pelanggan dengan bank dan tidak boleh didedahkan tanpa kebenaran.

Menurut Pengerusi Persatuan Bank-bank dalam Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar, asas berkenaan membentuk tunggak utama integriti dan keyakinan dalam sistem perbankan.

"Ia perlu dilindungi dan tidak boleh dikompromi," katanya dalam satu kenyataan akhbar bagi mengulas skandal pendedahan maklumat akaun bank bagi projek Pusat Fidlot Nasional (NFC), baru-baru ini.

Menurut beliau, peraturan itu bukan sahaja dilaksanakan oleh bank-bank di negara ini tetapi juga di seluruh dunia, mereka tidak berkompromi dalam hal berkaitan rahsia perbankan.

"Kami tidak akan ragu-ragu untuk memecat mana-mana pekerja yang didapati memungkiri peruntukan rahsia perbankan berkenaan," jelasnya.

Di bawah Seksyen 97(1) Akta Bank dan Institusi-Institusi Kewangan 1989 (BAFIA), ia secara jelas melarang seorang pengarah atau pegawai mana-mana institusi berlesen atau sesiapa yang memiliki akses kepada mana-mana rekod daripada memberi, mengeluarkan, memberitahu , mendedahkan, mengumumkan atau mendedahkan kepada sesiapa apa-apa maklumat atau dokumen berkaitan dengan perkara-perkara atau akaun seorang pelanggan tanpa persetujuan pelanggan.

Baca sepenuhnya di Utusan Maaysia sini

Rafizi bukan Whistleblower dan tidak layak dilindung bawah akta whistleblower. Baca Rocky sini

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Life-skill centre for the disabled serves as a role model to others

THE Daybreak Centre for the disabled in Lahat, Ipoh, can serve as a role model in providing job opportunities for disabled adults.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Heng Seai Kie said the centre had done well as a non-profit organisation operating as a business entity under the social enterprise concept.

"The centre provides the disabled with varied and wide life-skill training, enabling them to gain employment opportunities with the society.

"They are taught contract assembly and packaging, socks manufacturing, general cleaning, handicraft production and how to manage nurseries for plants," she said after touring the centre last week.

Heng added that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also acting Women, Family and Community Development Minister, was supportive of the social enterprise concept.

"The government would like to see more charitable organisations adopt the social enterprise concept.

"The Daybreak Centre can assist the government in this area and will be submitting a proposal to us in due course," she said, adding that 85 trainees from all races were being trained at the centre, presently.

At the same time, Heng expressed hope that more disabled people would register themselves with the government.

"At the moment, there are about 350,000 registered disabled people in the country but the numbers could actually be more. "Based on an estimate by the United Nations, about 10% of the population in every country lives with a disability.

"The government would be able to better allocate funds and resources to help the disabled if we know just how many disabled people there are," she said.

She said last year, some RM175mil was paid to 53,036 disabled workers while RM38mil was paid to 25,385 non-working disabled people.

Heng later presented a wheelchair to the father of 24-year-old Denish Silva, who was among 10 disabled trainees from the centre involved in an accident, early last month.

The trainees were travelling in the centre's van, which was heading towards Lahat, when it collided with two lorries at a traffic junction.

Denish injured his right leg, which had to be amputated from knee down as a result.

-The Star-

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Recipients express happiness at getting proper houses to live in

EARNING a meagre sum of RM600 as a kindergarten teacher with five children and an injured husband to support, K. Muniamah's dreams of owning a house was nothing more than wishful thinking.

In reality, the 53-year-old and her family were staying with her mother in Kampung Deralik, Sitiawan, all of them cramped in a small house.

"I was at Lumut MP Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha's service centre one day to seek help, when his officers found out about our living conditions.

"They suggested that I apply for aid under the 1Malaysia People-Friendly Home (RMR1M) programme since we have a small plot of land in the village," she related.

Under the RMR1M programme, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB) would build houses on land belonging to recipients, who were mainly from low-income families.

"I decided to give it a try and in July, my application for a RM65,000 house was approved.

"I am really happy and looking forward to a more comfortable living environment for my family.

"Furthermore, the government has lessened my burden by subsidising RM20,000 of the cost, which means that I only need to pay the remaining sum in instalments without interest," Muniamah said.

Another recipient who was ecstatic about getting a new house was housewife Junaidah Yaakub.

The 52-year-old resident of Sungai Tiram in Lekir had also found out about the programme after seeking help at Kong's office six months ago.

"My house, which we have been living in for the past 34 years, is in very bad shape.

"It leaks and part of the wooden walls are broken. With my husband's only income of RM700 as a fisherman, we cannot afford to carry out repairs," she related.

Junaidah said she was overjoyed when informed that she would be getting a new house at a different location at the village at an affordable price.

"I am grateful to Kong for supporting my application.

"After so long, we will finally get to live in a nice, comfortable home," she said.

-The Star-

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