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Whose Mansions Are These ...?

UMNO's Latest Sandiwara

UMNO is starting to dish out some lame exposé ... but no one is arrested and jailed.

If you think soon someone will be in jail, then you better find some fare and get the fcuk out of Malaysia because you are too naïve to live a crocodile farm like Malaysia. It's too dangerous for for a moron like you. Get out before they gobble you up.

It's just Najib's Sandiwara to signal some big shots to retire. That's all. They have no other idea except to put some new faces, hoping people will forget about their shits. This millennium old tactic does work most of the times. They asked Mahathir to fcuk off, Pak Lah was welcome and eventually won big. And they did the same thing by asking Pak Lah to fcuk off but this time around, they could be wrong. In fact, dead wrong. People are NOT LIKELY to accept Najib like most new faces before ... there tonnes of reasons.

But UMNO doesn't have a choice. There is no one else to choose ... they arte that pathetic.

Najib is their only choice and honestly, a real bad one. And Najib knows that ... that's why he has been trying very hard to make things up but he is not going to make it. Not likely, unless ... Well, unless he does what I have in mind, but that is not going to happen ... he is just not that kind of material. He is spineless slime ball ... (I could be wrong but nothing I have seen so far suggests otherwise).

There is only one person capable of doing what I have in mind ... He is Tiger Chua. But unfortunately for Malaysia, Tiger was born with the wrong skin color.

More to come ... Meanwhile, as usual, Mahathir the attention freak will try to claim some cheap publicity along the process. And for all you know, nothing will happen ... the theft, the pillage, the robbery will all continues as usual!!!

Welcome to Bolehland.

rocky's bru
SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2010

Whose house this?

£8.5 million.According to Another Brick, it belongs to a Malaysian politician. A Cabinet Minister! But the blogger also says it's a rumour lah, which means it's not true until somebody owns up or can prove that it is so.

This blog has "visited" several Malaysian palaces abroad, including a RM30 million Ottawa home part-owned by a Malaysian lady. We have also heard some people claiming that an ex-MB lived in a RM30 million Shah Alam mansion and couldn't prove it after the ex-MB said it was built with a loan of only RM3.5 million.

In any case, it's good to know that Malaysians are investing abroad. But it would be better if they are not shy about it.

Pic of Holland Park in London where the Malaysian politician's house is supposed to be. Read all about M'sian Minister bought £8.5 million Holland Park home

What Rocky didn't tell you is Mahathir has many more way bigger mansions ... I am very jealous.

at 1:14 PM

donplaypuks® said...

At todays exchange rate that's about RM40 million. Say with bank loan of 80%, the "Minsiter" will actually "only" have had to fork out about RM$10 million upfront including cost of renovation, F&F etc. That's chicken feed for an UMNO/BN 'Minister"!!

In 2008 there was this case of a certain NS MB remitting $10 million to London through Bank Negara 2, i.e., the ancient mamak havala moneychangers' system which not only gives better rates than our commercial and Isalmic banks, but is faster and more secretive!!

Is there a connection here? And how will the "Minister" service the bank loan? Looks like the annual $28 billion "leakage" from our economy cannot be phased out in 10MPNEMNEP!! Muahaha!

we are all of 1 race, the HUman Race
1:49 PM
Anonymous said...

why worry? that part and parcel of living in this world.there people who had to be suckers and there are people that live flamboyantly. But since he/she is/was the minister let us skin the party he/she represents next election.
2:59 PM
Anonymous said...

Ini rumah Zahid Hamidi. Semua org tau. Rumah ini di'hadiah'kan kpd Zahid Hamidi sebagai balasan utk rm400 juta kontrek pertahanan. Semua org tau. Rasanya PM pun tau, tapi buat tak tau, sebab Zahid seketika dahulu mengkhianati Anwar Ibrahim, dgn memberitau Najib rancangan menggulingkan Dr Mahatir. Zahid, masok ISA cuma utk menutup mata org aje. Betul tak, Zahid Hamidi? Aku kawon kao Zahid, dari dulu lagi banyak kao bgtau demo, tpi mu diaom aje. Nok hianot Anwar, demo tke kisoh, nok hianot Negara, kenalah dedah muka hang sebenor.
3:13 PM
Anonymous said...

Anybody has the right to own a house of their choice no matter where and how much it cost but RM40 Million is too much. Wonder where the money come from.

3:21 PM
Anonymous said...

Waduuuh gua tak bleh tidor lah!

ternanti nanti siapakah gerangan menteri tersebut!

its such a mystery..NOT.


This is just the beginning! we gonna start trigger all colleagues worldwide, show and list all the properties overseas bought by malaysian politicians "shyly"


-jom tengok ramai ramai-
3:40 PM
Anonymous said...

Whose house atau Whore house?

Anyway Dato Rocky,

Kalau kita tau dari mana datang Tanah, Rumah, ketulan Mas dalam bank, Kereta Mewah bla bla...

Kalau kita jadi whistle blower..

MACC kasi commision banyak mana kat kita? 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% total value of recovered properties or what?

Easy come easy go....

3:49 PM
johan5150 said...

what the heck..y jealous?maybe
he is rich and know how to make money work for him.

grow up guys!

111,woodsford square,hol park.

And Recently ...

Super rich Malaysians own some prized assets in Perth, Australia. Ananda Krishnan has an award-winning property, Rahim Ghouse (a former Anwar Ibrahim loyalist) Rahim Ghouse lives on a ranch, and the Badawi clan and friends' have palaces and dungeons there.

Malaysians' good taste has now caught the imagination of property-watchers in North America. A Malaysian lady part-own this beautiful home in Ottawa, Canada here!


Zirafah Bijaksana said...

Ananda Krishnan (A Mahathir Muhammad loyalist)

Jangan lupa tambah jugak, yek!
4:25 PM
Anonymous said...

Owners are Sean Murray and Jamilah Taib. Taib? is that one of the Sarawak CM's family?

4:26 PM
Anonymous said...

Just 2 words. Pek Moh. Also known as the Sarawak State Chief Minister. Go ask him for this story right from the horse mouth. No one knows better than him.
Change we need. Change we must.
4:31 PM
Plasterkan Mulut Rocky! said...

Alamak Rocky! How can you do this? Implicating Taib Mahmud's daughter? Cannot lah, Rocky! Taib is a stauch ally of the BN, ain't he? Aren't you also a stauch ally of the dark side? Kalau ada kesan-kesan rasuah, diam-diam sahaja dah! Kenapa nak buka mulut? Memang itu dah jadi kebudayaan kan?

5:50 PM
Anonymous said...

Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud
30 years CORRUPT TO THE CORE REIGN has netted him and his family ENORMOUS WEALTH all on the back of hard working people of Sarawak.
Its so vomitting !
By controlling the Press,Police & machinery of Government they raped & continue to rape & steal the State Wealth.
The Crooks in Government must know the Rakyat will NO LONGER TOLERATE their deceits,lies and illegal stealing of the money & resources that belong to all Taxpayers & People of Sarawak & Malaysia .
7:06 PM
Anonymous said...


daim and mahatir live in squalid houses.

so are the tajuddins, wan azmis and daim's boys.

rocky, wish you are more balanced. why mention this rahim? he is nothing compared to the daim's boys. wanna take a bet? loser pays for a bottle of single malt?
7:16 PM
wandererAUS said...

Bloody hell! No wonder I could'nt buy a property in Perth. Now I know who these blessed culprits that created the inflation that push the prices out of the reach of ordinary folks. I wonder, how Malaysian politicians can become super, super rich?
MACC what say you?
7:18 PM
Anonymous said...

Wow. The house is more expensive than the one owned by Terry Matthews.
I used to work in one of Terry Matthew's many companies. He is a multi billionaire (In USD).

That means Taib's daughter and husband must have billion US dollars.

hmmm. Wonder where the money come from? Sarawak timbers?
8:18 PM
xclan said...

how about mahathir and his clan properties? do u know where are those?
8:24 PM
rasupal said...

The perpetuation of BN has made this success possible for the CM's daughter.
Looks like what the peninsular MBs and CMs have earned is nothing compared to Sarawak's CM and family.
8:53 PM
Anonymous said...

so why no mention of Najib's properties..??

9:11 PM
Anonymous said...

we sure have plenty of our own little "marcoses" and "imeldas" running around the world with money
they stole from people of country.

Ghost of Onn Jaafar
9:11 PM
Ah Beng Crosby said...

What is your beef rocky? Just because someone high profile can afford to live in luxury, you need to publicise it. Join UMNO, you will get your share.
9:31 PM
Anonymous said...


you forgot about mahathir relatives - as usual there is a bias in this report!!!

11:00 PM
reshmann said...

Just take a look at Tok Guru Nik Aziz's house,such a humble and a wonderfu man,who lives true to the teachings of his faith.So many non-muslims were afraid of him and PAS,but he has proven to be a real wonderfull human being.Believe me he cares for all malaysians regardless of race and religion,and he truly does what he preaches according to islam.How nice if only all our leaders were like him?BTW I am a hindu,and have always revered this man called Nik Aziz.May god always bless him.OM SHANTHI.
11:10 PM
antubiul said...

'dunia ini ana yang punya'
11:37 PM
People said...

Now I understand why majority of the Sarawakians are so poor!
11:52 PM
reshmann said...

BTW OM SHANTHI means,'peace be upon all of us'
11:56 PM
Anonymous said...

To: Sarawakians

This house is only the second most expensive in Ottawa.
Pls continue to vote for BN and Taib govt in all election so that Sarawakian can proud of making Taib's daughter own the first most expensive house in Ottawa!

Sarawakian Boleh!
11:59 PM
slyderrose said...

Don't look far lah. Here in Malaysia itself. Take a look at all ministers houses, especially from umno. You will be surprise how they afford to built those houses. Super rich.

Rahim Ghouse earn his living in Autralia. He did not abused tax payers money in Malysia and did not lundered rakyat money like others. So, why his name was mentioned here?. What this got to do with Malaysian politic and tax payers money?
12:10 AM
Anonymous said...

To Sarawakians,

U all should proud of it!

Sarawakian boleh!

Kah kah kah semua boleh kah kah kah!
12:31 AM
Anonymous said...

kalu dulu Mat Taib boleh bawa duit berguni guni ke luar Negara ta'kan TAIB yang ini ta'boleh Pulak,,!!!

Sarawakian boleh datang Semenanjong and buat harta but orang Semenanjong must renew permit every 30 days,,,

Whats the fuck,,,!!!!

Pemimpin pemimpin Negara kesemua,,!!!! nya tau that Malaysia is not safe to Stay so buat lah harta di luar Negara,,,takan nak tinggal di kampung-kampung.

Lagi glamour kalu ada harta di luar Negara,,lagi pon biar pi dengan rakyat Malaysia,,,mereka semua bodoh-bodoh,,

Pemimpin pemimpin yang dulu dan sekarang semua nya SIAL,,jaga periok nasi sendiri,,,,biar rakyat makan pasir,,,

Menyesal tinggal di Malaysia,,ngapalah tak lingkop aja kerajaan yang ada,,

12:44 AM
Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

i will vote PAS anytime there is an election.

look at MB of Kelantan , just a simple house will do.

by the way i am a chinese malaysian, that is whi i have high respest for Nick Aziz.
1:12 AM
donplaypuks® said...

Why all d way to Ottawa?

Just take a trip down to Damansara, Bangsar, Taman Tun, Kenny Hils et al and do a tally of famous names. Then to Oz and NZ where once 2M is reputed to have bought $30 million of properties.

Not to mention nos. 44- 66A, Mosman Bay, Perth which you highlighted before!!

Will Msian Assoc for Cows and Cars take action or wait to see if these are mere 'ethical' issues and the Taib's riches have vanished to Canada and beyond?
1:35 AM
Anonymous said...

How can I be a crony? I want to be a crony? How? Crony school? Mana?

1:38 AM
Anonymous said...

Salam, apa lah nak dicemburukan pada dia orang ni. Dia ada duit legal atau illegal. Kalau kamu ni semua ada wang macam mereka ni pon entah2 lagi dahsyat kamu laborkan entah kemana. So what!
6:56 AM
Anonymous said...

Those who have read the Sunday Star
(Sunday 22nd March F28,F29))surely would be able to have a deeper understanding of how serious the level of corruption in our country is.Way back in the 60s,the keeness and desire to become YB was not that great because most of them felt that to lead was a burden and failure would shame the reputation of the family.

The motto " UNTUK BANGSA,UGAMA DAN NEGARA" was real.

My late father (a pensioner) was one of them who who refused the offer to become YB but after begging and pleading by the CM,my late father accepted but for one term only.To cut it short,after one term,my late father was in debt.Our brothers came together to settle his debts.At that time there was no pension for YB !

His advice to his children,"If you are not financially established, dont ever dream of becoming a politician."

Today is different and almost everybody perceives that politics is a lucrative career and probably the quickest way to become rich which has no boundary.Money politics was unheard of before but today people are even fighting for a 'ketua cawangan' post,let alone 'ketua bahagian'and above because it is what comes after being elected as one.

People are getting smarter these days by browsing the internet,and one can get away from being charged for corruption by having proxies, even in the private sectors, GLCs etc etc etc. The fact remains that there is always a question mark as to how a person or family members can build up so much wealth.Chatting at warong and coffee shops,a lot of people say that if ill gotten gains can be retrieved, Malaysia can settle all our foreign debts with a surplus for distribution to the poor.

DSN and MACC have a tough task ahead and I pray that they will succeed to put back Malaysia as one clean and respected nation.

I am with UMNO and end up in UMNO, so are my family members to continue with my father's legacy.

(Wira Bangsa)
9:48 AM
Anonymous said...

once upon a time my kid asked me why all the ex-ministers,ministers,mentri besars all so rich-live big big bungalows ,drive big cars ,sleek sports cars, family holiday overseas always, with a pay of less than RM50,000 pm? Arithmatically,it doesnt tally.Until today I still have no answer to that question.

10:04 AM
Anonymous said...


Your final training to be fully accepted into the dark side -

Go take pictures of Robert Rubin's mansion and then post it here to say that it belongs to Anwar's friend.

Never mind that a huge house in Queensway belongs to Samsuddin, a crony of Daim. Never mind that a hotel in Marble Arch belongs to Khalil Akasah, also a crony of Daim. Closer to home, never mind a huge mansion that has 22 bathrooms and a chapel belongs to YTL, cronies of Mamakthir. Never mind that a huge mansion with a helipad in Ampang belongs to an AP king, a crony of Rafidah.

When your eyes are closed to all these, then your conversion to the dark side will be complete.

10:09 AM
Anonymous said...

The ONLY way to rid our country of uncontrollable corruption is to get PAS to govern and kick out UMNO and their running dogs,maids etc...bcos PAS places God first.

10:13 AM
Anonymous said...

Aren't we all Sarawakians proud that one of us has the 2nd most expensive home in Ottawa? We should all work harder for our CM to make sure we will soon own the most expensive home not only in Ottawa but in the world!

a LongHouse poor family
10:22 AM
Anonymous said...

It is a mother of all ironies that this house was built in Canada. The Canadian official definition of AID is " Money taken from the poor people of rich countries and given to the rich people of poor countries" Now we have credence to that definition and this will make the Canadians to be disinclined to give us any form of AID. AIDS Man
1:58 PM
Anonymous said...

why dont we also discuss about anwar's house? where he's got the money to build such an extravagant house at bkt segambut in the first place? being in jail for almost 6 years. how do his family survived living in the plush neighbourhood of bukit damansara during those years?
cant we ask him, where he gets all the money? cant we ask him to openly declare his assets and how he got em?

4:01 PM
keng tiong hai said...

this house in ottawa belong to the chief minister of Sarawak daughter and her husband. wow.
I am sure both of them paid for the house with their own income and have nothing to do with the chief minister of Sarawak or any thing not proper.

keng tiong hai
shah alam
4:40 PM
Anonymous said...

Why do some people keep admiring those who choose to stay in humble huts? What kind of progress mentality is that? We should all be looking up to those who know how to live it up. Only then can we progress. No wonder Malaysia still so backward.
7:46 PM
Anonymous said...

You forgot about the Mahathir son's waterfront mansion in West Vancouver. here is a story from The Province newspaper.

Thieves hit home of son of former Malaysia PM
The Province
Friday, November 5, 2004

The West Vancouver home targeted in a $600,000 break-and-enter be-longs to the son of a former Malaysian prime minister and a relative of one of the world's richest men.

According to B.C. Assessment Authority records, the home in the 7200-block Arbutus Road is owned by business executive Mirzan Mahathir, eldest son of former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamed.

Mirzan is married to Jane Mahathir, a relative of Liem Sioe Liong (a.k.a. Sudono Salim), who is one of the richest men in Asia -- and the world -- and was a close friend and business associate of ex-Indonesian president Suharto, the dictator who ruled that country from 1967 to '98.

Liong is the founder of the hugely successful Salim Group, which has business interests ranging from food and cement to trading and transport.

Police say whoever robbed the Mahathirs' 7,700-square-foot, waterfront home got away with about $600,000 in merchandise and used the couple's $90,000 SUV to haul the goods away.

Among the stolen items were two Fendi sable fur coats, worth more than $100,000 each, two $30,000 Rolex watches and two $20,000 sculptures. The SUV -- a grey 2001 BMW X5, B.C. plate 862-AAA -- is also missing.

Police say the robbery happened some time between midnight Oct. 25 and 2 p.m. Nov. 1 while the owner was out of town.

It was one of 40 break-and-enters in West Vancouver since Sept. 1, with more than 20 of those in the wealthy area near Horseshoe Bay.

The Mahathir home is assessed at $3.6 million, but is listed on various websites at $5.4 million to $6.9 million. Mahathir bought the house in 1994 for $3 million.

A woman driving from the house in a Porsche Cayenne SUV on Wednesday night said it appeared the thieves stole items that could be quickly sold. She identified the coats as hers and said the caretaker of the home was away at the time of the robbery.

The theft left her shaken.

"I'm selling the house . . . I don't think I want to be here," she said.

Neighbours on the quiet cul-de-sac near Whytecliff Park say news of the robbery came as a surprise, especially because most, if not all, homes on the street are very secure with remote-control gates and other features to keep people out.
11:22 PM
Anonymous said...

Why no mention about yr bosses mansion(det & najib?)

huh.. really like Utusan Malaysia la this rocky bru's site...
naik meloya aku baca yr site..

I can accept when Malaysia Today or Harakah publishes this kind of "who own what properties" because it is well known that they are against Najib & BN.

Bro, if you are against Anwar & Pak Lah, just say it loud here la..

-buzz lightmoon-
10:56 AM
Anonymous said...

All great leaders like Mahathir, Nik Aziz, Karpal, but not Anwar are sincere to their perjuangan. But it was spoiled by their son,daughter,son/daughter in law,relative and follower who is too greedy to grab the opportunity to become rich by the name of this leaders.-hattasan
9:03 AM
Anonymous said...

Why must we be negative about Taib Mahmud daughter for purchasing the house. She is not married to an idiot but what i heard her husband and father in-laws are an arhitects and they are also a property developer.They must have made their money from real estates. We see a lot of people get rich from real estate in the west.

12:06 AM
Dean said...

In 1997, fliers of his billion ringgit swiss svg acc were widely spread. Taib Mahmud's wealth was estimated around RM20 billion that time.

He earns a lot from a 'nation size' land. Imagine now 2009.

I wont be surprised if he's in the top 50 world's richest.

An UMNOPutra Spin

And this one is conveyed by Malaysia Insider

Gertak chief sheds light on ‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally

UPDATED @ 06:53:18 PM 13-06-2010By Debra Chong June 13, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — Gertak chief Razali Idris has insisted there is nothing provocative about his group’s name or the “Melayu Bangkit” rally tomorrow; it is for peace, he explained.

The Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (People’s Awareness Movement) is widely known by the double-entendre acronym; in the national language, Gertak means “to intimidate” or “to bully”; but Razali said the word carried another meaning in his native dialect.

It means ‘connection bridge’ in the Terengganu dialect,” the Umno Marang deputy chief told The Malaysian Insider.

He chose the word because it embodied all that his group stood for.

There should be no “double meaning” attached to Gertak the organisation, Razali said, but he could not help what others thought.

“It is their perception,” he said, shrugging off comments from critics.

The Muslim businessman founded the movement earlier this year, shortly after the controversial “Allah” judgment.

In a landmark ruling on December 31 last year, the Catholic Church won the right to use the word “Allah” to also refer to God outside of Islam, shattering a long-held view among many Malaysian Muslims who held that the word was reserved for their community.

The movement’s purpose is to unite the Malay community, which today is split over issues of religion and race, Razali said.

”Unity in each race is the root of peace and harmony,” he added and stressed that because the Malays make up the largest group in multiracial Malaysia, their unity is crucial to the nation’s stability.

“This is the true meaning of Gertak, the bridge to unite the unity,” he quipped.

It was with that in mind that Razali planned a gathering aimed at motivating the Malay community to stand together instead of being at odds with each other.

An initial rally scheduled for May 13 had been cancelled after authorities stepped in out of concern the event may trigger memories of the racial bloodbath from 41 years ago and reignite tensions between Malaysia’s diverse ethnic groups.

Razali maintained the date chosen was coincidental and not deliberate.

”We don’t have any intentions to provoke [tensions] among races since we also love Malaysians,” he said.

Razali is now finalising details for the replacement rally to take place in his home state tomorrow at the state stadium in coastal Kuala Terengganu.

He had earlier planned discussions on several issues, including the much-debated New Economic Policy (NEP) introduced by second prime minister Tun Razak Hussein after the bloody May 13 riots in 1969 and officially ended 20 years ago.

Razali claimed the policy is still relevant but has called off discussions.

“We cancelled the discussion, but the question [will] still be answered by Tun in his speech,” he replied when asked referring to his idol Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Razali confirmed that the former prime minster will deliver the keynote address at the stadium rally.

Razali is anticipating a huge turnout for the rally, which will feature only two speakers, namely himself and the man who governed Malaysia for 22 years.

Ha ha ha ... "Lan Chiao" means yummy, "Pooh Key Mark" means delicious!

Spin, baby, spin!

Muktamar PAS ke 56: Nik Aziz sudah terlalu takbur

TUMPAT twenty-two Nov. - Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat perlu bertanggungjawab terhadap kekeliruan dan perpecahan di kalangan umat Islam yang dicetuskan oleh kenyataan-kenyataan mengenai agama yang disesuaikan dengan kepentingan politiknya.

Pengasas Pondok Geting, Abdullah Sa'amah, 64, berkata, beliau membuat teguran secara terbuka itu biarpun akan dimusuhi kerana tindak-tanduk Mursyidul Am Pas itu sudah keterlaluan dan diselubungi rasa takbur.

Beliau yang juga Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Persatuan Pondok Kelantan berkata, banyak kenyataan Nik Abdul Aziz tidak bersandarkan ijtihad ulama dan beliau mentafsirkan al-Quran berdasarkan pemahaman sendiri yang sentiasa disesuaikan dengan kepentingan tertentu.

"Bagi saya, beliau bukan lagi Mursyidul Am," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia ketika ditemui di madrasahnya di sini baru-baru ini.

Beliau yang lebih dikenali sebagai Tok Guru Haji Lah berkata, teguran yang dibuat oleh Persatuan Pondok Kelantan ditolak mentah-mentah oleh Menteri Besar Kelantan itu termasuk chit yang dihantar kepadanya pada penghujung tahun lepas.

"Teguran dibuat agar beliau lebih berhati-hati supaya tidak memesongkan akidah, tetapi beliau seolah-olah menyamakan kami dengan ahli UMNO sedangkan kami berjumpa dengannya penuh rasa hormat.

"Malah, saya sendiri pernah dua kali mengunjungi rumahnya bagi mendapatkan penjelasan mengenai situasi semasa tetapi gagal menemuinya," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas mengenai pelbagai kenyataan yang dikeluarkan Nik Abdul Aziz sebelum ini dalam memberi gambaran terhadap sifat Allah dan Nabi Muhamad SAW.

Ia juga berhubung penolakan Nik Abdul Aziz terhadap pembentukan kerajaan perpaduan, penghargaan terhadap orang bukan Islam membaca al-Quran dan isu penjualan arak yang berleluasa di Selangor.

Terbaru ialah mengenai isu Nik Abdul Aziz menerima tajaa! n untuk menunaikan haji pada musim ini dan soal orang ramai cuba mengambil keberkatan melalui dirinya.

Abdullah menarik perhatian bahawa kebanyakan kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Nik Abdul Aziz tidak selari sama sekali dengan aliran Sunnah Wal Jamaah malah lebih bersifat Wahabi.

"Nik Abdul Aziz berasa alim disebabkan dia mempunyai ijazah sarjana tetapi bab keseluruhan agama seperti akidah, tasawur, fikah dan usuluddin (dia) terlalu jahil, dia bukan Mursyidul Am," katanya.

"Madrasah saya terikat kerana masalah dasar saja iaitu al-Quran dan hadis. Dari situ saya muafakat (dengan Pas) tetapi pembawaan Nik Abdul Aziz dari segi akidah dan fikah saya menentang selama-lamanya dan habis-habisan.

"Bukan saya suka nak memecah-belah atau menghuru-harakan masyarakat, kita berani dan bersedia nak berdebat dengannya seperti dalam ceramahnya sebelum ini yang menyatakan Nabi Muhammad SAW masa kecil sama dengan orang kampung seperti kita," katanya.

Beliau juga amat kecewa dengan tindakan melulu Nik Abdul Aziz menolak cadangan penubuhan kerajaan perpaduan sedangkan ia menyentuh kepentingan umat Islam dan kuasa politik Islam.

Katanya, dalam keadaan sebegini, tentunya wajib bagi Pas dan UMNO bekerjasama bagi menjaga kedaulatan agama kerana situasi politik pada masa kini amat membimbangkan apatah lagi rakan politik Pas secara terang-terangan menolak pemerintahan Islam.

"Beliau terlalu takbur, tanpa sebarang perbincangan beliau telah menolak cadangan kerajaan perpaduan kerana syak wasangka. Perkara yang lepas (Pas keluar dari UMNO) biarlah berlalu, sekarang orang lain yang menerajui UMNO.

"Kita wajib mempertahankan kedaulatan orang Islam walaupun kita kata mereka (UMNO) tidak berdasarkan Islam.

"Dasar UMNO begitu disebabkan terdesak pada mula-mula penubuhannya disebabkan tekanan British dan kurang pengalaman dalam agama,'' ujarnya.

Menurutnya, selepas 50 tahun mentadbir negara, UMNO yang menjadi tulang belakang perkembangan Islam ! di Malay sia terus berada di barisan hadapan pemerintahan.

Tiger Chua: I'd Brandish The Chinese Parang!

Well, this seems to be what Tiger Chua is trying to say ... that he will brandish a 6-feet long Chinese spear pointing at pokemark like Sakai Katak Ibrahim and yell it out as loud as he can: "Pooh Key Mark Qi Bye Loo Sakai Tak Civilised, Loo Cakap Satu Kali Lagi Melayu Ini, Melayu Itu, Gua Kasi Loo Punya Poo Key Mark Kepala Otak Cucuk with My 6-Feet Long Parang Style Cina! Ada Paham Kah, Sakai Ibrahim? Balik Kasi Bapak Lu Mamakthir Tahu juga ... Ini Tanah Ah Pek Yang Banyak Civilized, Loo Kalo Tak Suka, SIla Balik Kerala! Apa?"

Tiger Chua posing with his 6-feet long Chinese Parang
Source: Ketuanan Ah Pek

Soi Lek: MCA to continue speaking out
by Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek 拿督斯里蔡細歷

ALOR SETAR: MCA will continue to speak out on sensitive issues affecting the people without fanning racial sentiments, party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said.

Citing Chinese primary schools as an example, he said allocations for them should be based on a need basis and handing out allocations on an ad hoc basis, like during the general election or a by-election, was not the way to do it.

“You must not simply take paracetamol for headaches. You must find out the cause of the headache (and find a cure),” he said at the Jerlun MCA parents’ day celebrations here on Thursday night.

Dr Chua said the Barisan Nasional and MCA might not be perfect but changing the Government was not the solution either.

On the Opposition, he said the people must question them on the pledges they made in the general election.

THE STAR [NATION 12-Jun-2010]

Mahathir Wanted Justice Be Served!

Breaking Very Big News
Mahathir Talks About Justice!

by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

1. The MCA has rejected Ong Tee Keat as President. It is to be expected that he would be dropped from being a Minister in the Cabinet.

2. His successor as Minister must know that Ong Tee Keat was about to expose the culprits in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal. His removal may lead to the investigation and exposure as well as action on the Port Klang scandal being terminated.

3. I hope this does not happen. Tee Keat's successor must carry on his work and expose as well as take action against the people involved in that scandal. I don't think it is the intention of the MCA to put a stop to the needed action by dropping Tee Keat.

Amateur Editor's Note: -

Many thanks for wanted others' shits be exposed, many thanks for wanting the criminals be punished, and many thanks if only, if only you will consider to surrender half of yourself to justice voluntarily ... Go have a vacation behind bars lah.

May justice be serve upon thou ASAP

The Land of the 21st Century Father

The Land of the 21st Century Father

The Female Factor

In Sweden, the Men Can Have It All
Ludde Omholt with his son, Love, in Södermalm, a bohemian and culturally rich district in Stockholm. From Swedish capital to the villages south of the Arctic Circle, 85 percent of Swedish fathers now take parental leave.More Photos »


Published: June 9, 2010

SPOLAND, SWEDEN — Mikael Karlsson owns a snowmobile, two hunting dogs and five guns. In his spare time, this soldier-turned-game warden shoots moose and trades potty-training tips with other fathers. Cradling 2-month-old Siri in his arms, he can’t imagine not taking baby leave. “Everyone does.”
From trendy central Stockholm to this village in the rugged forest south of the Arctic Circle, 85 percent of Swedish fathers take parental leave. Those who don’t face questions from family, friends and colleagues. As other countries still tinker with maternity leave and women’s rights, Sweden may be a glimpse of the future.

In this land of Viking lore, men are at the heart of the gender-equality debate. The ponytailed center-right finance minister calls himself a feminist, ads for cleaning products rarely feature women as homemakers, and preschools vet books for gender stereotypes in animal characters. For nearly four decades, governments of all political hues have legislated to give women equal rights at work — and men equal rights at home.

Swedish mothers still take more time off with children — almost four times as much. And some who thought they wanted their men to help raise baby now find themselves coveting more time at home.
But laws reserving at least two months of the generously paid, 13-month parental leave exclusively for fathers — a quota that could well double after the September election — have set off profound social change.

Companies have come to expect employees to take leave irrespective of gender, and not to penalize fathers at promotion time. Women’s paychecks are benefiting and the shift in fathers’ roles is perceived as playing a part in lower divorce rates and increasing joint custody of children.

In perhaps the most striking example of social engineering, a new definition of masculinity is emerging.
“Many men no longer want to be identified just by their jobs,” said Bengt Westerberg, who long opposed quotas but as deputy prime minister phased in a first month of paternity leave in 1995. “Many women now expect their husbands to take at least some time off with the children.”

Birgitta Ohlsson, European affairs minister, put it this way: “
Machos with dinosaur values don’t make the top-10 lists of attractive men in women’s magazines anymore.” Ms. Ohlsson, who has lobbied European Union governments to pay more attention to fathers, is eight months pregnant, and her husband, a law professor, will take the leave when their child is born.

Now men can have it all — a successful career and being a responsible daddy,” she added. “It’s a new kind of manly. It’s more wholesome.”

Back in Spoland, Sofia Karlsson, a police officer and the wife of Mikael Karlsson, said she found her husband most attractive “when he is in the forest with his rifle over his shoulder and the baby on his back.”

In this new world of the sexes, some women complain that Swedish men are too politically correct even to flirt in a bar. And some men admit to occasional pangs of insecurity. “I know my wife expects me to take parental leave,” said a prominent radio journalist who recently took six months off with his third child and who preferred to remain anonymous. “But if I was on a lonely island with her and Tarzan, I hope she would still pick me.”

In 1974, when Sweden became the first country to replace maternity leave with parental leave, the few men who took it were nicknamed “velvet dads.”

Despite government campaigns — one featuring a champion weightlifter with a baby perched on his bare biceps — the share of fathers on leave was stalled at 6 percent when Mr. Westerberg entered government in 1991.

Sweden had already gone further than many countries have now in relieving working mothers: Children had access to highly subsidized preschools from 12 months and grandparents were offered state-sponsored elderly care. The parent on leave got almost a full salary for a year before returning to a guaranteed job, and both could work six-hour days until children entered school. Female employment rates and birth rates had surged to be among the highest in the developed world.

“I always thought if we made it easier for women to work, families would eventually choose a more equal division of parental leave by themselves,” said Mr. Westerberg, 67. “But I gradually became convinced that there wasn’t all that much choice.”

Sweden, he said, faced a vicious circle. Women continued to take parental leave not just for tradition’s sake but because their pay was often lower, thus perpetuating pay differences. Companies, meanwhile, made clear to men that staying home with baby was not compatible with a career.

“Society is a mirror of the family,” Mr. Westerberg said. “The only way to achieve equality in society is to achieve equality in the home. Getting fathers to share the parental leave is an essential part of that.”

Introducing “daddy leave” in 1995 had an immediate impact. No father was forced to stay home, but the family lost one month of subsidies if he did not. Soon more than eight in 10 men took leave. The addition of a second nontransferable father month in 2002 only marginally increased the number of men taking leave, but it more than doubled the amount of time they take.

Clearly, state money proved an incentive — and a strong argument with reluctant bosses.

Among the self-employed, and in rural and immigrant communities, men are far less likely to take leave, said Nalin Pekgul, chairwoman of the Social Democratic Party’s women’s federation. In her Stockholm suburb, with a large immigrant population, traditional gender roles remain conspicuously intact.

But the daddy months have left their mark.
A study published by the Swedish Institute of Labor Market Policy Evaluation in March showed, for instance, that a mother’s future earnings increase on average 7 percent for every month the father takes leave.

Among those with university degrees, a growing number of couples split the leave evenly; some switch back and forth every few months to avoid one parent assuming a dominant role — or being away from jobs too long. The higher women rank, the more they resemble men: few male chief executives take parental leave — but neither do the few female chief executives.

Parents may use their 390 days of paid leave however they want up to the child’s eighth birthday — monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly — a schedule that leaves particularly small, private employers scrambling to adapt.

While Sweden, with nine million people, made a strategic decision to get more women into the work force in the booming 1960s, other countries imported more immigrant men. As populations in Europe decline and new labor shortages loom, countries have studied the Swedish model, said Peter Moss an expert on leave policies at the University of London’s Institute of Education.

The United States — with lower taxes and traditional wariness of state meddling in family affairs — is not among them.Portugal is the only country where paternity leave is mandatory — but only for a week. Iceland has arguably gone furthest, reserving three months for father, three months for mother and allowing parents to share another three months.

The trend is, however, no longer limited to small countries.
Germany, with nearly 82 million people, in 2007 tweaked Sweden’s model, reserving two out of 14 months of paid leave for fathers. Within two years, fathers taking parental leave surged from 3 percent to more than 20 percent.

“That was a marker of pretty significant change,” said Kimberly Morgan, professor at
George Washington University and an expert on parental leave. If Germany can do it, she said, “most countries can.”

If the Social Democrats win Sweden’s election on Sept. 19, as opinion polls predict, they will double the nontransferable leave for each parent to four months, said Mona Sahlin, the party leader who would become Sweden’s first female prime minister.

Mrs. Sahlin, who had three children as a member of Parliament with her husband sharing the leave, knows that this measure is not necessarily popular.

Sometimes politicians have to be ahead of public opinion,” she said, noting how controversial the initial daddy month was and how broadly it is now simply expected.

The least enthusiastic, in fact, are often mothers. In a 2003 survey by the Social Insurance Agency, the most commonly cited reason for not taking more paternity leave, after finances, was mother’s preference, said Ann-Zofie Duvander, a sociologist at Stockholm University who worked at the agency at the time.

Ann-Marie Prhat of the TCO employee federation said she had been determined to share the parental leave with her husband. After many discussions, “we practically signed a contract — six months for me and six months for him.”

Five months into the leave, she was enjoying her son. Could she stay home a couple of months longer, she asked her husband? “In the end,” she said, “I negotiated one extra month.”

Eight in 10 fathers now take a third of the total 13 months of leave — and 9 percent of fathers take 40 percent of the total or more — up from 4 percent a decade ago.

The numbers tend to look more impressive in urban areas, like Stockholm, but there are some surprises. Owing to extensive government campaigns, the northern county of Vasterbotton, where the Karlssons live, has repeatedly topped the "daddy index" of average leave the TCO federation publishes every year, says its president, Sture Nordh.

For Carlos Rojas, 27, a Swedish-Spanish entrepreneur who runs one of a host of new father groups campaigning for more paternal say at home, that is not enough. His 2-year-old twin sons, Julian and Mateo, call him Mama. He and his now former wife shared parental leave by alternating days at work and at home.

Fathers at home “are still often second-class parents,” since the mother usually stays home first and establishes routine, Mr. Rojas said.

“How many dads cut their children’s nails?” he asked, admitting that he does not. “I know she’s going to do it and so I don’t bother. We have to overcome that if we truly want to share responsibility.”

In Sodermalm, Stockholm’s trendy south island, the days of fathers taking only two months are clearly over. Men with strollers walk in the park, chat in cafes, stock up at the supermarket or weigh their babies at walk-in daycare centers.

Claes Boklund, a 35-year-old Web designer taking 10 months off with 19-month-old Harry, admits he was scared at first: the baby, the cooking, the cleaning, the sleepless nights. Six months into his leave, he says, he is confident around Harry (and cuts his nails).

It’s both harder and easier than you think,” he said.

Understanding what it is to be home with a child may help explain why divorce and separation rates in Sweden have dropped since 1995 — at a time when divorce rates elsewhere have risen, according to the national statistics office. When couples do divorce or separate, shared custody has increased.

Fredrik and Cecilia Friberg both went part time soon after their daughter Ylva was born last Christmas Eve. He works Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday, his wife the remaining days. It helps that both are civil servants. “I wanted to be there from the start. So much happens every week, I don’t want to miss out,” said Mr. Friberg, 31.

Every once in a while, former traditions surface. “
I get complimented on how much I help at home, Cecilia gets no such gratitude,” Mr. Friberg said.

Some, however, worry that as men and women both work and both stay home with kids, a gender identity crisis looms. “Manhood is being squeezed” by the sameness, argued Ingemar Gens, an author and self-described gender consultant.

So is the Swedish taxpayer. Taxes account for 47 percent of
gross domestic product, compared with 27 percent in the United States and 40 percent in the European Union overall. The public sector, famous for family-friendly perks, employs one in three workers, including half of all working women. Family benefits cost 3.3 percent of G.D.P., the highest in the world along with Denmark and France, said Willem Adema, senior economist at theOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Yet Sweden looks well balanced: at 2.1 percent and 40 percent of G.D.P., respectively, public deficit and debt levels are a fraction of those in most developed economies these days, testimony perhaps to fiscal management born of a banking crisis and
recession in the 1990s. High productivity and political consensus keep the system going.

“There are remarkably few complaints,” said Linda Haas, a professor of sociology at Indiana Universitycurrently at the University of Goteborg. With full-time preschool guaranteed at a maximum of about $150 a month and leave paid at 80 percent of salary up to $3,330 a month, “people feel that they are getting their money’s worth.”

Companies, facing high payroll taxes and women and men taking leave in unpredictable installments, can be less sure.

Tales of male staff members being discouraged from long leave are still not uncommon, although it is not fashionable to say so. Mr. Boklund said his office “was not happy” about his extended absence.

Bodil Sonesson Gallon, head of sales at Axis Communications, an IT company that specializes in video surveillance, admits that parental leave can be disruptive — for careers and companies. She laments that with preschools starting at 12 months and little alternative child care, there is huge pressure for parents to take at least a year off.

Small businesses find it particularly tricky to juggle absences, said Sofia Bergstrom, social insurance expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, which represents 60,000 companies. Worse than parental leave, she says, is the 120-day annual allowance for parents to tend to sick children, which is impossible to plan and which is suspected of being widely abused.

The key issue for business is planning ahead,” said Ms. Bergstrom.

But in a sign that the broader cultural shift has acquired a dynamic of its own, a survey by Ms. Haas and Philip Hwang, a psychology professor at Goteborg University, shows that
41 percent of companies reported in 2006 that they had made a formal decision to encourage fathers to take parental leave, up from only 2 percent in 1993.

Some managers try to make the most of the short-term openings to test potential recruits. Others say planning longer absences is easier and encourage fathers to take six months rather than three. A system of flexible working hours has evolved. Even senior employees may leave at 4:30 p.m. to collect children from school, but are expected to log on at home at night. A growing number of employers top up the salary replacement the state pays parents to 90 percent of their salary for several months.

For many companies, a family-friendly work pattern has simply become a new way of attracting talent.
“Graduates used to look for big paychecks. Now they want work-life balance,” said Goran Henriksson, head of human resources at the cellphone giant Ericsson in Sweden, where last year 28 percent of female employees took leave, and 24 percent of male staff did. “We have to adapt.”

Now that's what I call an advanced country. When will we get there?

Justifying Legalization Of Sport Gaming

Professional Spinning The Najib Way

(Najib, trust me ... I can slightly better)

The sports betting license

I was told that for every RM 1 that Berjaya makes from the sports betting business, the illegal sports betting syndicates earn RM 2.

In other words, by legalizing the market, the Government will be able to pull 1/3 of the illegal gamblers away from the syndicates if the information I received was right.

From here, the Government will be able to tax these gamblers and channel the money elsewhere for others who need or want to enjoy more welfare benefits.

That is, of course, if we look at this case only from a monetary point of view.

If we don't, we will be able to look at things differently.

By awarding the license to Berjaya, not only do we get monetary returns to the Government's funds, we can also successfully pool together a target cluster of identified gamblers.

This "legal" population of sports gamblers can then be subject to targets from the various Ministries that deal with social ills.

We can adopt all measures possible to solve issues such as addiction to gambling under effective campaign measures.

Hand in hand, the enforcement agencies can look at cases of illegal gambling syndicates and eradicate them as time goes by.

For all we know, more than 1/3 of the gambling population might move away from the illegal syndicates to legal outlets.

This is because there are worries at times that the illegal syndicates might not pay out if the amount gambled and the winning payout has a large spread.

So, we might end up having more "identified legal outlet gamblers" who migrated from the illegal gambling cluster which will make it easier for the Government to educate or assist them on addiction of gambling.

Why an open tender was not made, I believe Guan Eng can answer it well since he is also using selective tender after experiencing the troubles and negative side of open tender.

As such, I believe the awarding of sports betting license is justified to Ascot Sports and effectively to Berjaya Group.

The public and the Chinese community must not question Barisan Nasional on this matter since they did not attack Guan Eng too.

Or else, I am beginning to believe more and more by day that the Chinese are blindly going against Barisan Nasional and that all talks of "we are more concerned about issues" will turn out to be fairy tales.

On another issue that Pakatan Rakyat opposed the sports gambling license, I think we all know that sports gambling, horse gambling and the numbers gambling make no difference. It is still gambling.

Unless of course Tony Pua and the leaders of DAP can present to us the social effects differences and why sports gambling should be opposed or banned in Pakatan Rakyat states while other form of gambling can happily continue operating.

Well, DAP folks have another headache now since PAS leaders are calling for a phase out of gambling outlets in Pakatan Rakyat states. [ PAS wants end to gaming premises permit ]

Gambling - a personal encounter

Original Artcle from KTemoc Konsiders

Even BN-ruled Johor has now joined Pakatan’s band wagon to oppose sports (football) betting. While I’m not against gambling per se (it's up to the individual) I would neither promote nor encourage it. We already have more than enough forms of gambling, so we needn’t introduce another one.

Vincent Tan might have argued that licensing gambling prevents the money from going ‘underground’ and the government will benefit from the taxation. Well, the government may well benefit, and the illegal bookies may lost out, while the legal ones (Vincent Tan's enterprise) will benefit.

But the question to ask Vincent Tan is who will lose, because in gambling, for someone to win, someone else has to lose – that’s an inescapable fact of gambling. And you can bet it’s the common people, those who can’t afford to lose, who would be the real loser.

I wrote an article for the Centre for Policy Initiatives website titled
A disease deadlier than AIDS where I highlighted that gambling is a mental sickness which has to be dealt with through the support of medical-psychology experts. The government should either provide funding for, or tax casinos into funding public clinics to address the mental health needs of pathological gamblers.

I argued that Pathological gambling is an insidious disease far more threatening than AIDS as we tend to be more lenient and accepting of its presence within our midst even though its drastic effects and consequences on the innocents, especially the families of the gamblers, have been known to be far worse.

I have personally witnessed the sad story of an addicted gambler – for more, see my new posting
Makcik Puteh & Belangkas over at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok.

Muktamar PAS ke 56: Mahfudz ... Mr Bean PAS yang rendah IQ

Heran betul dengan pemikiran ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena si Mahfuz Omar ni. Adakalanya cara dia berfikir dah serupa budak-budak PASTI. Adakalanya nampak macam orang tak cukup akal joke ada.

Minta maaf cakap lah kalau terkasar bahasa sikit, tapi selain dari kecaman rakyat Malaysia terhadap Israel, ada lagi sekor manusia ber ideologi Israel ni harus dikecam juga. Siapa dia? Si Mahfuz ni lah.

Mana tak dikatakan perangai macam Israel. Sebelum ini bukan categorical lagi ahli Parlimen Pas Pokok Sena ni mengugut kerajaan DS Najib supaya mengadakan sidang khas Parlimen bagi mengutuk serta mendesak tindakan diambil ke atas kezaliman Israel.

Siap bagi tempoh 48 jam lagi kepada DS Najib tu. Tanpa segan silu juga dia melalak di satu perhimpunan jalanan mahukan kerajaan membentangkan devise menyelamat aktivis bantuan rakyat Malaysia yang ada di dalam kapal Mavi Marmara dan juga Rachel Corie.

Dan 5 hari selepas Mahfuz meroyan ugut kerajaan, DS Najib telah membentangkan ususl mengecam dan mendesak tindakan terhadap kekejaman Israel di Sidang Parlimen.

Malah, aktivis-aktivis Malaysia yang menyertai Flotila bantuan ke Gaza joke sudah selamat kembali tiba di negara setelah kerajaan berkerjasama dengan Duta-Duta luar bagi pembebasan mereka.

Hari ini, setelah semua isu berkaitan kecaman serta desakan untuk Israel dilakukan dengan cara paling baik oleh pihak kerajaan, Mahfuz meroyan pula mengatakan bahawa tiada gunanya DS Najib membentangkan usul mengecam Israel di Parlimen.

Selain itu, mungkin kerana tertekan dengan kehebatan DS Najib membahaskan usul di Parlimen, Mahfuz mengaitkan pula polisi kerajaan yang dituduhnya sebagai pro yahudi hinggakan nama Tun Mahathir joke diheretnya juga bagi menghentam kerajaan.

Lupakah si Mahfuz bahawa Tun Mahathir merupakan Pengerusi PGPO yang menjadi tunjang utama misi bantuan keamanan Gaza ini?

Apa pula ! sumbanga n Pas terutama Nik Aziz ke Palestin? Mengapa Mahfuz tak melalak bila Nik Aziz dan Hj Hadi lambat mengeluarkan kecaman terhadap Israel? Mengapa Mahfuz tak menyalak kepada Anwar Ibrahim supaya mendesak rakan-rakan yahudinya mengecam Israel?

Patutlah Pas dari dulu hingga kini tak diberikan kesempatan oleh Allah swt menjadi peneraju negara. Dengan adanya manusia-manusia bergenetik lembab seperti Mahfuz ini diangkat menjadi pemimpin didalam Pas, pastinya akan lingkup negara jika pemerintahan diletakkan ke tangan mereka.

Cubalah anda semua bayangkan sendiri kedungguan ahli Parlimen Pas Pokok Sena ini. Dan nilaikanlah sendiri tahap pemikiran manusia seperti Mahfuz ini.

Selain sifat kurang cerdik dan bebal yang dimiliki, inilah contoh terbaik manusia yang bersifat irihati dan juga manusia yang dikatakan "perut busuk" didalam peribahasa melayu lama.

Padanlah mereka-mereka ini dijadikan kuda tunggangan oleh DAP dan PKR jika di lihat dari sudut kedungguan mereka.

Sumber: MyKMU

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) vs Barisan Nasional (BN)


Please be informed PeoplePowerPortal (3P) is launching a new interface simply dubbed as "PRxBN" for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) versus Barisan Nasional (BN) as the Landing Page of a.k.a PeoplePowerPortal (3P).


Well, it's basically two blogs squeezed into one. One showcasing PR's ravings and rantings while the other one spit out nothing but professional spins from BN.


The purpose of creating "PRxBN" are basically as follows: -

1. To offer yet another choice for the Boss ... A "Devil" versus "Lucifer" interface!
2. To allow Mr. X (who is currently banned from most of the blogs and forums in Bolehland as a result of his "Refuse-To-Bodek-Absolutely-Neutral-Stance") an avenue to have his say. And similarly, to extend such facility to all those who are either in the same situation as Mr. X or simply prefer to say it out in a neutral-no-hold-barred spot such as this one ... Enjoy.


However, "PRxBN" is far from perfect. It has many flaws simply because it is designed using some Blackhat technologies which will require a fair amount of hackings before it can be converted to Whitehat or the mainstream format.

Don't get me wrong, it's working and totally functioning except it has several undesirable features. For example, it doesn't backlink to the original source, it doesn't embed video, it doesn't quote the author. Actually, it doesn't even show any link at all!

On behalf of PeoplePowerPortal (3P), I must apologize for the flaws but rest assured, I am working on it. I cannot promise how long will it take as it involves something I have never play with before.

Thank you for understanding.


While I understand there are neutral parties out there such as myself, but there can only be two categories (constrained by design) and I therefore squeeze some seemingly neutral or even inclined towards opposition into the BN section just so it doesn't appear to be sleeping most of the times.

My blogs, if any, will appears in either one section depending on how things go.

And there is another all-people-goodies - Sociopolitics View Malaysia ... blogging nothing but letter, views and opinions from the "Rakyat Boss" (never mind there are fake ones among us).

Let's Liberate Malaysia from Devil and Lucifer!

Muktamar PAS ke 56: PAS memainkan opera Zionis di Malaysia

Menurut Israel, mereka adalah pencinta keamanan. Atau dengan kata lain 'peacemaker'. Bagi menyesuaikan kenyataan di atas dengan firman Allah, blog ini memperlihatkan petikan maksud Surah Al Baqarah dalam bahasa Inggeris ayat eleven dan twelve yang bermaksud :
[11] When it is pronounced to them: "Make not effect on a earth," they say: "Why, we only wish to have peace!" [12] Of a surety, they have been a ones who have mischief, though they realise (it) not.Jelas, tindak tanduk Israel telah lama diingatkan dari zaman ke zaman, dari generasi ke generasi dan terpakai dalam apa juga tindakan mereka di lapangan baik ketenteraan mahupun perniagaan.

Betapa sukarnya untuk berzakat dan bersedekah buat penduduk bumi Gaza yang hakikatnya, turut ditindas saudara seislam yang memerintah Mesir. Sempadan Mesir - Gaza telah lama ditutup dan Gaza dikatakan menjadi penjara berlangit terbesar di dunia sejak setahun setengah yang lalu.

Penindasan orang Islam ke atas orang Islam ini turut menjadi amaran buat masyarakat Islam seluruh dunia.

Telah diriwayatkan bahawa umat Islam ketika akhir zaman adalah buih-buih laut yang hampas kerana hati mereka tidak dibekalkan dengan semangat untuk bersatu. Namun, kebangkitan syiar Islam di hujung akhir zaman pastinya bertitik tolak dari semangat cintakan penyatuan yang ditiupkan ke dalam hati masing-masing.

Persengkongkolan dengan puak kafir dengan kapasiti yang menunjukkan tiada siapa mengetuai sesiapa seperti Pakatan Rakyat adalah bukti besar bahawa pemegang kunci perpecahan umat ialah dari pihak PAS yang ketika ini menutup mata dengan fakta ketidaksesuaian mereka untuk berjuang atas ihsan puak kafirin.

Inilah buih-buih hampas yang dimaksudkan.

Menyerapkan diri dalam perjuangan yang lebih liberal terhadap pegangan Islam (tetapi mengaku Parti Islam) adalah titik to! lak kepa da kemusnahan jiwa dan pertimbangan akal waras sekumpulan Islam itu, dari dalam dirinya. Pakaian tidak melambangkan keimanan.

Mereka menebalkan kebencian terhadap sebahagian Islam yang lain atas dasar politik dan anehnya, perjuangan mereka bagi mendaulatkan Islam dipandang sepi oleh sahabat-sahabat mereka.

Mereka enggan dan benci melihat sekumpulan umat Islam lain mengepalai sesebuah pemerintahan dan mereka menyokong perikatan yang tidak diketuai sesiapa. Pada saat golongan itu mempertahankan 'keketuaan Islam atas kerajaan', mereka-mereka ini membantu untuk memusnahkan bulletin turun-temurun itu dengan kesamarataan kuasa.

Jadi, keberantakan umat Islam di Malaysia yang setakat ini baru diterjemah dalam bentuk laungan politik adalah hakikatnya, CETUSAN puak-puak yang bergembira di dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

Dan ini bulletin siapa? Bukankah ia agenda, cita-cita dan harapan besar golongan pemain show dari 'tanah yang dijanjikan" demi melihat tiada penyatuan di sebelah Timur dalam soal politik Islami?

Siapa yang bersama mereka? UMNO atau PAS?

Sumber: Kita Gempur

New Scam In The Making

New Scheme Or New Scam?

New License Plate, More Burden For Rakyat.

I just heard this from the president of a well known consumer association in Subang Jaya. Changes are being proposed to the Road Transportation Act (the Pengangkutan thingy) whereby all owners of registered motor vehicles will be required to buy new car license number plates.
The new number plates will have some computer chip in it (to make the Government's job easier I suppose). Here is the catch.

1. We will still have to pay the old Road Tax, get the Road Tax sticker etc.

2. The "monopoly" to issue these new number plates will be given to two new companies (most likely crony companies - because they were not chosen by open tender or highest bidder for the concession).

There are about 20 million registered vehicles in this country (cars, buses, lorries, motorbikes etc). So 20 million x RM150 = RM3.0 Billion.

This seems to be the scale of cronyism nowadays - its always in the Billions, no more in the millions.

So two lucky cronies will get the franchise to charge us RM150.00 per license plate.

Is this why Chrome Dome was recently appointed to head the suruhanjaya pengangkutan darat or something? There are Billions worth of 'concessions' to be given out.

Why burden the public even more? You are removing the subsides, the price of fuel, oil, flour, sugar is all going up. The Government wants to waste RM800 million to build a new Parliament building.

Doggie Tee: WTF is Tan Cheng Lock?

Remember Doggie Tee? He is back, but he is absolutely right this time around. Seriously, who the fcuk is Tan Cheng Lock? Is he any different from Doggie Tee?

Well, lotta difference.

First, Tan Cheng Lock never potong. Second he never badmouth his own kind. Third, he didn't question what good are Chinese schools and send his kids to attend Chinese schools at the same time like one Doggie Tee.

Otherwise, they both are pretty much the same ... I think.

Perlukah memorial Tan Cheng Lock?

Mingguan Malaysia 13 Jun 2010

Menurut kenyataan pemimpin MCA, Arkib Negara telah bersetuju membina memorial Tan Cheng Lock, bersebelahan memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman. Lanjutan itu, bangunan Parlimen pertama di Jalan Dato’ Onn di Kuala Lumpur, akan diubahsuai menjadi memorial itu yang melibatkan kos kira-kira RM10 juta, mulai tahun depan. Menurut MCA lagi, memorial tersebut penting sebagai memperingati jasa tokoh negara yang juga Presiden mereka yang pertama.

Jika benar, ingatan saya kepada Arkib Negara, agar perlu memikirkannya kembali. Saya tidak melarang, tidak juga menyokong. Tetapi ingatlah, politik Malaysia adalah berasaskan kepada politik perkauman. Cukuplah dengan memorial pemimpin nombor satu negara. Saya bimbang nanti, semua parti etnik yang ada di negara kita, termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak mahukan memorial sama ini turut dibina, bagi mengenangkan pemimpin mereka yang tidak kurang berjasa, sesuai dengan zaman yang dilalui. Apatah lagi dari segi hak, mereka lebih berhak, sebab mereka adalah pribumi.

Kita perlu memahami, setiap pemimpin melalui zaman-zaman yang berlainan. Adalah kurang sopan jika kita mengatakan hanya sejarah detik kemerdekaan sahaja yang penting dalam menilai sumbangan seseorang ke atas tanahair. Semua sejarah perjuangan mempertahankan tanahair daripada penjajahan yang dilalui negara kita, adalah penting. Persoalan saya, apakah indeks (KPI) yang digunakan dalam menilaikan sumbangan seseorang itu, sejarah yang sebenar? sejarah yang benar? atau sejarah yang sengaja diperbesarkan bagi tujuan tertentu?

Dalam memahami politik Malaysia, kita selalu memutar belitkan dan menyempitkan skop sejarah untuk kepentingan diri, kaum dan parti. Tujuannya tidak lain, agar tokoh kita atau bangsa kita dipandang hebat. Janganlah hanya mengenang jasa seseorang ketika detik negara mencapai kemerdekaan menjelang 31 Ogos 1957, sehingga kita lupa tokoh-tokoh yang lebih berjasa sebelum itu? Kenapa cetek sangat kita menilai dan menghayati sejarah?

Ingatlah, sejarah Tanah Melayu tidak hanya bermula pada tahun-tahun 1940an, tetapi sejarah perjuangan kemerdekaan telah bermula sejak Tanah Melayu mula ‘dijajah’. Saya agak kurang selesa menggunakan perkataan ‘dijajah’. Tanah Melayu tidak dijajah secara langsung dalam konteks yang sebenar kerana institusi raja-raja Melayu masih wujud, kecuali negeri-negeri Selat. Maknanya, sejarah perjuangan tanahair bermula sebelum merdeka ratusan tahun dahulu, jauh lebih penting, kerana banyak nyawa terkorban dan darah tumpah menyembah bumi.

Ringkasnya, sejarah menentang penjajah telah bermula sebelum penghijrahan besar-besaran berlaku. Orang Melayu Islam telah lama bangkit, tetapi masih belum berjaya menghalau penjajah sepenuhnya, namun pengorbanan mereka tidak ada tolok bandingnya. Pada saya, mereka lebih berjasa daripada yang lain. Saya minta kajilah latar belakang tokoh-tokoh seperti Tok Janggut, Dato Maharaja Lela, Mat Salleh, Dato’ Bahaman, Mat Kilau dan ramai lagi sebelum itu. Kenapa bila sebut sahaja sejarah kemerdekaan tanahair, maka dalam benak kepala kita adalah muka-muka yang stereotaip setiap tahun?

Tokoh menjelang kemerdekaan yang tidak kurang hebatnya seperti Dato Onn Jaafar, Dr Burhanuddin Helmi, Ahmad Boestamam, Mustapha Hussein dan ramai lagi jarang diperkatakan. Pada saya, memorial mereka juga berhak didirikan, kerana mereka turut mempertahankan nyawa. Sedangkan detik kemerdekaan hanyalah satu proses rundingan setelah berlaku desakan, tuntutan dan perjuangan sebelum itu. Cuba kita kaji detik-detik sejarah antara tahun 1940-1948, siapakah sebenarnya pejuang kemerdekaan? Siapakah yang menentang Malayan Union? Adakah orang Melayu Islam, Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA), MCA, MIC atau Parti Komunis Malaya?

Kadangkala saya tidak faham adakah mereka yang berada di Arkib Negara itu tahu atau tidak tangungjawab dan ruang lingkup kerja mereka.

Mengingati tokoh tidak semestinya dengan membina memorial. Banyak cara lain yang boleh digunakan. Sebelum itu, saya ingin ingatkan, tulislah dan fahamilah dahulu sejarah Tanah Melayu dengan baik. Jangan turut berpolitik. Hati rakyat yang mengkaji dan celik sejarah kena jaga juga.

Selepas ini saya bimbang ada pihak yang menuntut supaya memorial Lim Chong Eu (Gerakan), Tan Siew Sin (MCA) dikuti dengan pemimpin-pemimpin seterusnya. Jangan asyik memandang bangsa sendiri. Gagasan 1Malaysia mahu juga kita memandang dan mengambil berat bangsa lain juga. Pemimpin parti Gerakan yang pertama seperti Syed Hussien Al-Atas, jarang disebut sumbangannya. Saya cadangkan diperbesarkan lagi memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman dan dimuat semua sumbangan semua tokoh dalam satu memorial, daripada membina memorial demi memorial atas nama-nama tertentu.

Cukuplah dengan memorial Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) yang telah didirikan tanpa persetujuan kerajaan negeri dan pusat, tetapi tetap juga didirikan yang kini menjadi pusat penyembahan di Taman Peringatan Nilai, walaupun telah dipertikaikan oleh tokoh-tokoh sejarah sebelum ini, akan peranan MPAJA dalam memperjuangkan kemerdekaan. MPAJA didakwa oleh sesetengah pihak sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan, wal hal sebenar tidak. MPAJA adalah sayap Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) yang bercita-cita tinggi untuk menguasai Tanah Melayu apabila Jepun menyerah kalah. Wujudnya parti berhaluan kiri ini disebabkan oleh permusuhan mereka dengan Jepun, bukan soal memerdekakan Tanah Melayu.

Kita mesti ingat setiap tokoh mempunyai lagenda mereka sendiri kerana mereka hidup di zaman yang berlainan. Kita tidak boleh samakan peranan Tunku dengan peranan Mahathir misalnya kerana mereka berjuang pada zaman yang berbeza. Jika itulah nilaiannya, saya boleh katakan jasa Mahathir lebih banyak daripada jasa Tunku, kerana Mahathir menjadi PM lebih lama dari Tunku. Sudah tentu jasanya lebih banyak ketika memimpin negara. Kitapun sudah dapat lihat hasilnya hari ini. Apakah selepas ini kita akan bina memorial setiap PM dan pemimpin-pemimpin parti? Saya bimbang selepas ini negara kita dipenuhi dengan memorial.

Saya fikir sudah sampai masanya kita merancang untuk membina masa depan dengan memastikan rakyat memahami sejarah negara yang sebenar daripada bercakap untuk membina memorial. Dengan bertambahnya memorial tidak akan menjadi kita lebih patriotik. Apa yang lebih penting adalah menyusun agenda menanamkan semangat patriotisme di kalangan rakyat. Pastikan mereka mencinta negara lebih daripada mencintai bangsa, menyayangi bahasa kebangsaan lebih dari bahasa sendiri, menyayangi sekolah untuk semua lebih daripada sekolah sendiri. Menyayangi pemimpin yang terkorban kerana terlalu banyak berkorban daripada pemimpin yang telah berkorban tetapi tidak terkorban.

Pada saya, semua pemimpin layak dikenang jasanya, kerana mereka bernasib baik terpilih menjadi pemimpin. Namun, kita janganlah terlalu perasan, lantas berkata: “jika tidak ada Tunku, Cheng Lock dan Sambhantan negara tidak akan merdeka”. Pemimpin datang dan pergi. Patah tumbuh hilang berganti. Setiap pemimpin ada lagenda dan jasanya tersendiri. Dunia dan negara akan terus bergerak dan berputar mengikut peredaran masa. Pasti ada pelapis selepas itu yang akan berjasa.

Siapa juga yang memerintah, perjuangan mesti diteruskan. Negara akan terus membangun. Kita tidak boleh statik dan jumud. Korea Utara terus ditakuti dunia walaupun kita beranggapan bahawa pemimpin mereka tidak demokratik dan ketinggalan zaman dengan fahaman komunisnya. Benar, rakyat dan negerinya agak miskin, tetapi mereka bahagia dan berbangga dengan kehebatan teknologi nuklear dan pertahanan mereka sehingga menggerunkan barat. Tidakkah itu ada tolak campurnya? Lemah di sana, kuat di sini. Dalam maksud, ada kelebihan dan ada kelemahan. Pemimpin mereka tetap berjasa, walaupun mungkin dunia mengutuknya.

Hitler yang dikatakan kejam dan zalim juga tetap berjasa pada zamannya. Paling tidak, sekurang-kurangnya Hitler mengingatkan dan menyedarkan kita siapa Yahudi sebenarnya? Masih ingatkah kita kata-kata Hitler kenapa beliau bertindak membunuh Yahudi dalam bukunya ‘mein kampf’? Katanya: “Saya boleh bunuh semua Yahudi ketika saya berkuasa. Tetapi saya tinggalkan sedikit kepada kamu. Kenapa? supaya kamu kenal siapa yahudi, dan mencari jawapan kenapa saya bunuh yahudi”.

Kata-kata Hitler ini amat besar ertinya kepada kita supaya belajar dan mengkaji psiki yahudi. Kenapa yahudi ini boleh menjadi satu bangsa yang kuat walaupun bilangannya amat sedikit. Yahudi tidak pentingkan jasa individu, tetapi yahudi mengambil berat soal negara dan masa depan serta survival bangsa mereka. Sifat inilah yang menjadikan kekuatannya begitu menyerlah terutama dalam teknologi maklumat dan pertahanan. Kenapa kita berfikir ke arah itu?

Saya mengkaji serba sedikit psiki bangsa yang bongkak ini. Apabila mereka berjaya menapak di Palestin, yahudi membangunkan teknologi dan pertahanan mereka terlebih dahulu. Sifat ini juga turut ditiru oleh ultra kiasu di selatan negara kita. Setelah mereka benar-benar kuat, barulah mereka bangunkan sumber lain. Hari ini Israel terbukti berjaya menjadi salah satu kuasa dunia. Walaupun negara ini hanya sebesar semut ini tetapi ditakuti negara sebesar gajah. Satu dunia memerhatikan Israel menawan kapal misi bantuan kemanusiaan ke Gaza. Siapa berani menegur Israel? Israel telah menjadi terlalu kuat sehingga sukar untuk ditembusi. Negara semut ini sudah menjadi terlalu kuat sehingga sukar untuk dikalahkan jika berlaku peperangan.

Dengan sebab itu, kita lihat mereka begitu berani, termasuk negara ultra kiasu. Saban hari kita dengar mereka menceroboh ruang udara dan kedaulatan negara kita. Apa yang boleh kita lakukan? Kita hanya boleh memberi amaran demi amaran. Tetapi adakah dipedulikan? Beranikah kita tembak kapal pejuang mereka setelah jelas menceroboh kedaulatan kita? Saya kira kita akan berani jika kekuatan kita melebihi atau setara dengan yahudi kecil ini. Tetapi kekuatan kita dengan yahudi kecil ini amat jauh dari segi teknologi persenjataan dan pertahanan. Kapal selam mereka jarang rosak, sedangkan kapal selam kita baru beli sudah rosak. Itu belum termasuk enjin jet yang telah hilang. Bayangkan ketika peperangan benar-benar berlaku, bila mana jet pejuang mahu digerakkan, tiba-tiba enjinnya tidak dapat dihidupkan, rupa-rupanya baru kita sedar jet tidak boleh terbang kerana enjinnya sudah hilang. Mampukah kita bertahan ketika itu?

Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Kumpulan Penyelidik Politik dan Peradaban Islam, UPNM merangkap Setiausaha Agung Dewan Perdagangan Islam Malaysia. Penulisan ini adalah pendapat peribadi penulis


Should memorial Tan Cheng Lock be built?
Mingguan Malaysia June 13, 2010

According to the statement the leaders of MCA, the National Archives have agreed to build a memorial Tan Cheng Lock, next to the Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman. Extension of the first Parliament building in Jalan Dato 'Onn in Kuala Lumpur, will be converted into a memorial, which cost about RM10 million, starting next year. According to the MCA, the memorial service to commemorate an important national figure who is also their first president.

If so, my memory to the National Archives, in order to reflect back. I do not forbid, do not support. But remember, Malaysian politics is based on racial politics. Enough with the memorial a number of national leaders. I fear that soon, all the ethnic parties in the country, including Sabah and Sarawak also wanted the memorial built to commemorate their leader, no less deserving, according to the time traveled. Let alone in terms of rights, they are entitled, because they are indigenous.

We need to understand, all leaders in different epochs. It is less offensive if we said that history is an important moment of its independence only in assessing the contribution of one of the country. All the history of the struggle to defend the homeland from invasion traveled our country, is important. My question, what is the index (KPI) used in evaluating the contribution of a person, the actual history? historical truth? history of deliberate or extended for specific purposes?

In understanding the politics of Malaysia, we always play belitkan and history to narrow the scope of self-interest, people and party. No other purpose, that we or our nation's leaders looked great. Services not only remember a moment when the country achieved independence by August 31, 1957, until we forget the figures are more meritorious before it? Why are we evaluating shallow and appreciate the history?

Remember, not only the history of the Malay-started in 1940, but the history of the struggle for independence had begun since the start of Malaya 'occupied'. I was not comfortable using the word 'occupied'. Malaya did not invade directly in the context of the real for the institution of Malay rulers still existed, except the states of the Straits. Meaning, the history of the struggle began before the independent homeland for hundreds of years ago, far more important, because many lives lost and blood spilled to worship the earth.

In short, against the colonial history began before the mass migration occurs. The Malays, Islam has a long rise, but still managed to drive the full occupation, but their sacrifice is not a standard compare. To me, they are more deserving than others. Take a look at the background I have some figures, such as Tok Beard, Dato Maharaja lela, Mat Salleh, Dato 'Bahaman, Mat Kilau and many others before it. Why call only if the country's independence history, then the head of our minds is the stereotypical faces every year?

By independence leaders equally as Dato Onn Jaafar, Dr Burhanuddin Helmi, Ahmad Boestamam, Mustapha Hussein, and many more rarely mentioned. To me, they are also entitled to set up a memorial, because they were defending their lives. While the moment of independence is a negotiation process occurs after the pressure, demands and struggles before. Let us review the historical moments between 1940-1948, who is actually a freedom fighter? Who is against the Malayan Union? Is the Muslim Malay, Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA), MCA, MIC or the Communist Party of Malaya?

Sometimes I do not know whether those at the National Archives knew or responsibilities and scope their work.

Remember the figures are not necessarily to build the memorial. Many other methods can be used. Prior to that, I would think, write and understand the past history of the Malay well. Do not also political. Hearts of the people who study the history of due care and literacy as well.

After this I fear there are those who claim that the memorial Lim Chong Eu (Movement), Tan Siew Sin (MCA) followed by subsequent leaders. Do not look at people their own fun. 1Malaysia idea, we want to see and care for other people. The first movement leaders like Syed Hussien Al-Atas, the contribution is rarely mentioned. I suggest magnified Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman and download all the contributions of all the characters in a memorial, the memorial built for the memorial on specific names.

Enough with the memorial of the Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA), which was erected without the consent of the state and central, but will also set up which has become the center of worship in the Garden of Remembrance value, although disputed by historical figures before, the role of MPAJA in the fight for independence. MPAJA claimed by some as a freedom fighter, wal actual case. MPAJA is a wing of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) is ambitious for control of Malaya when the Japanese surrendered. The existence of this left-wing parties due to their hostility to Japan is not about freeing the Malay Peninsula.

We must remember that every figure has a legend of their own because they live in different times. We can not equate the role of Tunku the role of Mahathir, for example because they struggle at different times. If that is the valuations, I would say Mahathir's services more than Tunku services, as Mahathir became PM later than the Tunku. Certainly contributed more time to lead the country. Kitapun been able to see the results today. What we will build the memorial each PM and the leaders of the party? I fear that after this country is filled with memorials.

I think it's time we plan to build the future by ensuring that people understand the real history of the talks to build a memorial. By increasing our memorial will be more patriotic. What is more important is organizing agenda to instill patriotism among the people. Make sure they mencinta country more than love people, love the national language more than language itself, the school loved all over the school itself. Caring for a leader who died because too many sacrifices from the leaders who have sacrificed, but not killed.

To me, all the leaders in his honor entitled to be remembered, because they are privileged to be elected a leader. But we are not too aware of, and thus said: "If there is no Tunku, Cheng Lock and it will be independent Sambhantan. Leaders come and go. Grow lost Patah changed. Some of the leaders have their own legend and his honor. World and the country will continue to move and rotate over time. Coating and are not to be served afterwards.

Who is the rule, the struggle must continue. Countries will continue to develop. We can not be static and rigid. North Korea continued to fear the world even if we assume that their leader is not democratic and outdated with the understanding komunisnya. True, the people and relatively poor country, but they are happy and proud of the power of nuclear technologies and their defense to frighten the West. Will it have less campurnya? Weak there, loud here. The purpose, there are advantages and disadvantages. Leaders they served, even though the world may condemn.

Hitler is said to be cruel and wrong is still served in his time. Most do not, at least to remind Hitler and the Jews who realize we really? Remember we are the words of Hitler why he was acting to kill the Jews in his book 'Mein Kampf'? He said: "I can kill all Jews when I was in charge. But I left a little to you. Why? that you recognize the Jews, and find the answer why I kill the Jews. "

Hitler's words are a great means for us to learn and study the Jewish psiki. Why this Jew can become a powerful nation despite the very small numbers. Jews were not pentingkan individual services, but the Jews are concerned about the country and the future and survival of their nation. Strength properties that make this very prominent, especially in information technology and defense. Why do we think to that?

I study a little arrogant nation psiki this. When they successfully stepped in Palestine, Jews and defense technology to develop them first. These properties are also copied by the ultra kiasu south of the country. Once they are really strong, then they develop other sources. Today Israel has proven to be a successful world power. Although the country is just as much as ants, but feared the country of elephants. Israel captured the whole world is watching the ship humanitarian aid mission to Gaza. Who dare to reprove Israel? Israel has become too strong to be difficult to penetrate. This little country has become too strong to be difficult to overcome in the event of war.

So as we see them as brave, including the country's ultra kiasu. Everyday we hear they are invading the air space and sovereignty of our country. What can we do? We can only give a warning for the warning. But are ignored? Our brave fire fighters of their ship after clear invading our sovereignty? I think we will be bold if we force than or equal to this small Jewish. But our strength with the Jews is very much smaller in terms of armament and defense technology.They are rarely damaged the submarine, while the new submarines we buy are damaged. That's not including the jet engine was missing. Imagine when the war actually happened, when jet fighters want to move, suddenly the engine can not be turned on, look, we know how it looks new jet can not fly because the engine has been lost. Can we survive then?

Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Politics Research Group and the Islamic civilization, UPNM cum Secretary General of the Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce. Writing is a personal opinion writers
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